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Economic Activity Levels

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1 Economic Activity Levels
In a society of little economic development, universal inactivity accompanies universal poverty.  ~Ryszard Kapuscinski

2 Primary Activities Industries that take natural resources directly from the environment. The production of raw materials. Fishing, forestry, agriculture, mining, etc.

3 Secondary Activities Industries that use raw materials to produce something new & more valuable. Results in a finished, tangible product. manufacturing, processing, construction , electricity production, etc.

4 Tertiary Activities Industries that provide a service to people & businesses. Health care, sales, transportation, banking, entertainment, restaurants, clerical services, tourism, insurance, law, etc.

5 Quaternary Activities
Industries providing information services. Involves the generation, processing, management & distribution of information. Research & development, consultation, education, media, & information technology.

6 Indicators of Economic Development
Infrastructure- the framework of technical structures that support a society Communications networks, water supply, waste disposal, power grids, transportation, etc.

7 Indicators of Economic Development
Industrialization- the transition from an agricultural society to one based on manufacturing & trade.

8 Indicators of Economic Development
Agriculture Gatherers & Herders Foraging for food & following herds of animals Nomadic- moving from place to place. This way of life is dying out.

9 Indicators of Economic Development
Subsistence Farming Growing only enough food for one’s own family or village. Animals & people provide most of the labor; small plots A majority of people in the world are involved in this type of agriculture.

10 Indicators of Economic Development
Commercial Farming Crops & livestock are raised to be sold. Farmers use modern techniques & equipment to be more productive; huge plots <10% of the population in industrialized countries

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