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Economic Activity.

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1 Economic Activity

2 Types of Economic Activities

3 Primary Economic Activity
Fishing- tuna fishing Forestry Mining/drilling Agriculture (based on land and climate) 50% of less developed countries 15-20% newly industrialized <8% of developed countries Commercial Agriculture: produced to sell Subsistence Ag.: provide for your family

4 Primary Economic Activity cont’d…
Subsistence Farming Grow enough for family or village Commercial Farming Use modern techniques Only small # of workers needed Found in all countries Plantations- found in newly industrialized Who owns most plantations? In less developed countries, large corporations, foreign investors owns the plantations

5 Secondary Economic Activity
Manufacturing- Industry Takes raw material and turns into a finished products Tuna into Canned Tuna What are some examples of manufacturing in the United States? In what regions? Cities?

6 Tertiary Economic Activity
The Service Industries Transportation Sales Advertising Government-some Health Care Banking Education- some

7 Quaternary Eco Activities
Collecting, processing and distributing information government, culture, libraries, scientific research, education, and information technology.

8 Stages of Economic Activity
Developed Country Modern Technology Mostly Tertiary Eco. Activities (Service) Well developed economy GDP per Capita: USA $46,000 Has sustainable development Outsourced manuf. when costs can be cut. Less Developed Limited modern technology Dependent on developed countries for manufactured goods. GDP per capita: ~$1000 Mostly primary and secondary eco. activities Newly Industrialized Mexico $15,600 (2012) 13% Agric

9 Zimbabwe- What stage am I?
$ GDP per capita 66% Agric. 38% urban 3.8 Fertility rate

10 Know these front and backwards!!!
Primary- Agriculture Secondary- Manufacturing (industry) Tertiary- Service Quaternary- data

11 USA 1.1% Agriculture (primary) 22.1 % Manufacturing
76.8% Service (Tertiary) Can U say “Sustainable development” Hmmm Monaco 95% service!!! Mexico(Newly Indust) 13% Agric, 24% Manuf., 63% Service Bangladesh 18% Agric,28% Manuf., 52% Service Zimbabwe(less developed) 66% Agric, 10% manu., 24% Service

12 Primary What are some examples of raw materials in your community? What kind of finished product can be made from this?



15 Standard of Living (Daily Life)- look at all these things
Life expectancy Infant mortality rate GDP per capita # of people per car Energy consumption Literacy rate

16 Traditional Economy cottage industry

17 Human Resources Capital Resources
Workers- a country’s greatest resource! YOU! Capital Resources Machines Money (Investments) Buildings Compare a contractor with a hammer and nail to one with lumber, a toolset and backhoe. Which one represents the less developed country? Which one represents the developed country?

18 Supply and Demand As the price goes up, what happens to the demand?
Real life- As the price is reduced, what happens to the supply of goods?

19 Economic Systems answer these questions…
What will be produced? How much will be produced? How will it be distributed? What will it cost?

20 Total government control
Economic Spectrum Total government control No government

21 Economic Spectrum No government Strong Government Command Ec Communism
Karl Marx Gov’t regulates all Central planners Socialism/ Mixed Free-Market Capitalism based on profit private ownership entrepreneurship

22 Matching: Communism, socialism, capitalism, traditional
Consumers make the decisions Welfare state Free doctors visit CNN, Fox, Comcast, Ixfinity, CBS, ABC, NBC Clay pots from hand Profit is motive for doing well Community farms Reebok, Nike, Addidas,… No social classes Follow parents line of work 93Q, the Eagle, 104 KRBE, 740 Talk Radio,


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