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What do you think of when hear/see the word... ISLAM.

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1 What do you think of when hear/see the word... ISLAM

2 Homework: Title Page for Unit ‘ISLAM’ include Key words, the symbol of Islam, other images but NOT images to suggest who God is - it’s forbidden! Introduction to Islam

3 True or False? Sort out the statements into true or false.

4 TRUE FALSE Muslims go to mosque on Sundays All Muslims believe violence or terrorism is an acceptable way of spreading Islam All Muslims pray 7 times a day Muslims believe Jesus died on a cross All Muslims believe you should only look after other Muslims The Muslim fast of Ramadan lasts 40 days like Lent Muslims eat pork Muslims drink alcohol Muslim women have to cover their heads Muslims believe in one God The word Islam means SUBMIT (to God.) Muslims believe the Quran is the only Holy book that really contains God’s teaching Muslims believe Jesus is an important prophet Muslims don’t believe Jesus is the son of God, because how can God can have a son Muslims consider that Adam was the first prophet Muslims are not allowed to draw or make any images representing God. They have no religious “art”, only calligraphy. There are many different types (sects) of Muslims

5 MUST DO or BELIEVESHOULD/ CAN DO or BELIEVE MUST NOT DO or BELIEVE That Jesus was the Son of God Use these points to write your own table or account of what Muslims MUST do / believe what they CAN or SHOULD do/ believe what they SHOULD NOT do/ believe **Why might some people believe some of the false things ? Mohammed is God’s messenger Jesus is a prophet The Koran is God’s own words dictated to Mohammed Go to mosque on Fridays Believe in One God That terrorism is acceptable Draw images of God Drink alcohol Eat pork That Jesus died on a cross Women can cover their heads Pray 5 times a day Fast on Ramadam

6 What do Muslims believe about Allah ? There is one God, whom they call ALLAH. What is Allah Like? He is eternal - he was never born and will never die. He is the Creator He is all-knowing He is all-powerful so human beings must worship him. Muslims believe that Allah sent PROPHETS to teach people how to live. These include Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus – almost all the ones in the Old Testament! But the main prophet of Islam, who Muslims listen to, is Muhammad*. 1.Do Christians and Muslims believe the same about God and the prophets? Discuss. **How important are the differences?

7 Watch the video. What is being Muslim all about ? 1.Explain what Islam is about doing. **Does it make sense that human beings should submit to Allah, as He knows best?

8 Islam: The Basics The words Muslim and Islam come from the verb meaning to… Muslims are followers of the religion of… A Muslim is someone who has _________ to the religion of______ by following the teachings of _______ Islam submit The Muslim word for “God” is.. Allah Muslims follow the prophet…PBUH Mohammed

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