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DEMENTIA Presented By Andrea Rose Cadiz Health and Nutrition.

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1 DEMENTIA Presented By Andrea Rose Cadiz Health and Nutrition

2 DEMENTIA Dementia is caused by the damage of the brain cells. Late 20’s It’s not part of normal aging Tests and Diagnosis are still being determined

3 DEMENTIA Dementia Two most common Early Stage Moderate Stage Late Stage Risks and Prevention McGill, 2013

4 DEMENTIA What is Dementia? Wide ranges of symptoms Decrease performance of ADL Cells don’t communicate McGill, 2013

5 TWO MOST COMMON Alzheimer's Dementia (AD) Most common type 65 years and older Vascular Dementia 2 nd most common Reduced blood flow to the brain Alzheimer’s Association, ret 2014

6 SIGNS & SYMPTOMS Early Stage Subtle Short Memory Changes Difficulty finding the right words Changes in mood Apathy Difficulty doing normal tasks

7 SIGNS & SYMPTOMS Early Stage (cont.) Confusion Difficulty following story lines A failing sense of direction Being repetitive Struggling to adapt to change

8 SINGS & SYMPTOMS Moderate Stage Memory problems becomes more serious Mood and emotions shifts Behaviors changes Physical activities gradually worsens

9 SIGNS & SYMPTOMS Late Stage Progressive loss of memory Increased loss of physical activities Communication Eating

10 RISKS & PREVENTIONS Heart-head connection Regular physical exercise Healthy diet Social connections and intellectual activity Preventing injuries

11 DEMENTIA Dementia is one of the most leading cause for elderly’s in this society. It’s difficult for friends and family members to accept that a certain loved one develops this certain disease especially when certain cures are still being determined. Maintaining a regular physical active and healthy life is the best way to help you prevent the risk of getting dementia.


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