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Blaine Siesser Photography

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1 Blaine Siesser Photography
By: Katelyn McGirr

2 Blaine Siesser Blaine Siesser is an American photographer that was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. Throughout his life he’d always been interested in photography and he wanted to become a photographer. And when he came of age to decide what career he wanted to take, he decided to pursue his dream in photography. When Blaine was in his 20s, he took his dream of being a professional photographer one step further. He attended a friends wedding who had no professional photographer to capture those special moments that come with the festivities of weddings. So he decided to make his career of taking photographs of weddings, and trying to capture all of those special moments that most people would probably forget about.

3 Locations and Contexts
Blaine Siesser specializes in taking pictures of destination weddings. He particually favors taking pictures in Spain. He has taken pictures in Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Santa Pola, Alicante, Villajoyosa, Altea, Benicarlo, Tarragona, Barcelona, Lloret de Mar, on the beaches of the Meditteranian Sea, as well as many other places. Blaine also takes pictures in other locations such as studios, houses, buildings, lakes, and beaches.

4 Clientele Blaine’s clients always enjoy looking back on the pictures that he takes. There has never been a customer that has disliked Blaine’s work. His goal is to capture all the special moments so that the couple will be able to look back at the pictures and remember the fun memories that were made that day.

5 Technical Approaches Blaine mainly uses a digital camera to capture his pictures. He mainly uses color but he also occasionally uses black and white depending on the client. On his camera he prefers a 35mm lense and he uses a medium/ large formatting. Blaine tends to push to the extremes of light, camera equipment, and photoshop. He also likes natural light and different compositions for his clients.

6 Personal Style Blaine loves wedding photography and he believes his images show that truth. He uses wedding photography as an “Outlet to express a creative energy and desire to design.” –Blaine He also tries to bring emotion into his photos.

7 Other Interesting Facts
Blaine spends his past time reading, golfing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, painting, watches college football. He enjoys spending time with and is devoted to his wife, and kids, and God.

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9 Thank you for taking your time to enjoy my presentation. -Katelyn

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