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PMI Inventory Tracker™

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1 PMI Inventory Tracker™
Complete System Provides Automated Evidence and Property Room Management

2 System Objectives Designed and Developed with the Assistance of an Accredited Police Department Provide “Cop Friendly” Automated System for Managing Evidence and Property Room Items Provide Complete System - Affordably Priced for Smaller Departments with Tight Budgets Provide Automated & Documented Chain of Custody that Complies with IAPE Requirements Provide Professional User-Friendly System for Handling Random Audits and Disposing of Property Provide a System to Quickly Locate Evidence in the Property Room Even if Using Random Storage Method

3 System Requirements The software will operate on any computer system with 15MB of disk space, 32MB RAM and operating on Windows 98, XP, NT, 2000, on a single user PC, peer-to-peer network, or network server. The system comes complete with everything needed including evidence management software, barcode labeling software, scanner, barcode printer, labels, ribbon & site license. (no additional licenses required)

4 System Administrator The system administrator will initially setup the PMI Evidence Tracker™ system and enter the necessary department information.

5 System Administrator The system administrator controls who has access to the PMI Evidence Tracker™ program. He can assign a user name and password to individuals and authorize which parts of the program they can access.

6 Evidence Input Screen User-Friendly and Easy to Use, Even for Those Who are Computer Challenged “Cop Friendly” Design Uses Single Data Input Screen to enter evidence into the system When entering additional pieces of evidence for the same case number, the common data is automatically inserted eliminating repetitive entries and key strokes Customize screen field descriptions to better fit your needs or to duplicate currently used forms Print permanent barcode label that fully identifies each piece of evidence stored in the property room Complies with the rules of property management

7 Evidence Log Input Screen

8 Print Evidence Label A barcoded label with all pertinent information is applied to each piece of evidence or evidence bag, along with its storage location, enabling you to organize your property in a professional manner. Barcodes are also used when scanning evidence in and out of the property room.

9 Custody Log PMI Evidence Tracker™ enables you to control and accurately track evidence as it moves from point of collection through to final disposition. When evidence is scanned in or out of your property room it is time/date stamped. The information is automatically entered into the database producing a permanent record of the transaction and establishing a documented audit trail.

10 Custody Report The Case and Custody report provides complete documentation on all the evidence that has been collected for a particular case number. This report can be used to validate the chain of custody or to provide a hard copy document to be placed in the case file. A copy can also be given to the individual who collected the evidence for their records or file.

11 Audits Random audits required for accreditation can be scheduled in days or months. The software uses a mathematical algorithm to automatically select the items to be checked on in a random audit.

12 Random Audit Report The Random Audit Report is designed to show the case number, tracking number, evidence description, where the item is located in the property room and the time/date when the report was run. When a random audit is completed, signed and dated it can be placed into the file as permanent record of compliance.

13 Property Receipt Once you have received authorization from the court to dispose of a piece of evidence, you can print a receipt for the item. The receipt would be given to the officer assigned to transport the item to the point of disposition, along with the appropriate piece of evidence.

14 Custom Reports You can create custom reports using any of the information in the fields located on the Evidence Log Screen. You can also establish conditions and criteria for each field such as =, >, <, =>, <=, <>, and “like”. This sample report was designed to furnish a list of all evidence that was marked for destruction, with a recovery date after 1/1/02 and a disposition date between 1/1/03 and 12/31/03.

15 Summary PMI Evidence Tracker™ automated property management system provides smaller law enforcement agencies with the means to finally get control of your property room. Designed for agencies with less then 100 officers, our PMI Evidence Tracker™ will help you present a more professional image, improve officer efficiency, and insure the integrity of your evidence and property room. Why not download a Demo now and see how easy managing your evidence can become.

16 PMI Inventory Tracker™
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