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Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

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1 Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

2 Maslow’s Theory “We each have a hierarchy of needs that ranges from "lower" to "higher." As lower needs are fulfilled there is a tendency for other, higher needs to emerge.” Daniels, 2004

3 Maslow’s Theory Maslow’s theory maintains that a person does not feel a higher need until the needs of the current level have been satisfied. Maslow's basic needs are as follows:

4 Personal Motivation Consumers will not need or want consumer goods or services that fufil higher levels on the hierarchy without satisfying lower ones. Example: If living in a war torn country, one has no desire for a social networking site

5 Self-Actualization Esteem Belonging Physiological Safety

6 Basic Human Needs Food Air Water Clothing Sex Physiological Needs

7 Safety Needs Protection Stability Pain Avoidance Routine/Order
Safety and Security Protection Stability Pain Avoidance Routine/Order Safety Needs

8 Love and Belonging Affection Acceptance Inclusion Social Needs

9 Esteem Esteem Needs Self-Respect Self-Esteem Respected by Others

10 Self-Actualization Achieve full potential Fulfillment

11 Marketing and Advertising
As a business – we must learn how to communicate how our product or service communicates to one of these levels of human needs

12 Which Need is Being Advertised?




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