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Optoelectronics & Microsystems Lab

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1 Optoelectronics & Microsystems Lab
Politecnico di Milano, Dip. Elettronica e Informazione, Milano, Italy

2 STAFF COVA, S. Full Professor GHIONI, M. Full Professor
ZAPPA, F. Associate Professor GIUDICE, A. Post-Doc Research Associate RECH, I. Post-Doc Research Associate LABANCA, I. Research Associate GALLIVANONI, A. Research Associate TISA, S. Ph.D. Student RESTELLI, A. Ph.D. Student TOSI, A. Ph.D. Student GULINATTI, A. Ph.D. Student

3 Core Know-How Microelectronic Detectors and Circuits
Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation for detecting and measuring optical signals with ultra-high sensitivity and picosecond resolution

4 Recent Achievement Ultrasensitive CE-Microchip apparatus for DNA fragment separation collaboration with M. Chiari, CNR Inst. of Chemistry and Molecular Recognition, Milano Reference: I. Rech, A. Restelli, S. Cova, M. Ghioni, M. Chiari, ad M. Cretich, “Microelectronic Photosensors for Genetic Diagnostic Microsystems” Journal of Sensors and Actuators – B , in press 2004

5 Chip Electrophoresis Sample Buffer Waste Injection Separation

6 Detection limit (@ S/N=3) : 1pM
CE Separation in glass microchip run buffer: TAPS-TRIS 100mM pH 8.5. Sample : 23 mer oligonucleotide labelled with CY 5 Detection limit S/N=3) : 1pM corresponds to < 30 molecules in the injection volume of 50pL

7 Looking inside the apparatus...
Compact & low-cost set-up with: Fully automated operation Laser diode excitation of fluorescence Controlled chip temperature Dual wavelength detection Dual HV power supply (0-5kV) Confocal optical scheme Remote control Problem debug via internet

8 Looking the apparatus at work in the lab...

9 Recent Achievement Microelectronic Single-Photon Detector for studies on Single-Molecule Dynamics collaboration with X. Sunney Xie, Harvard University, Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Reference: H. Yang, G. Luo, P. Karnchanaphanurach, T.M. Louie, I. Rech, S.Cova, L. Xun, and X. Sunney Xie, “Single-Molecule Protein Dynamics on Multiple Time Scales Probed by Electron Transfer”, SCIENCE, Oct.10, 2003, Vol.302,

10 even the best commercially available Photon Counting Modules
Xie’s idea: Measuring the delay of the fluorescence photon with respect to the laser excitation with picosecond-resolution, good efficiency and low-noise makes possible to probe the Single-Molecule Protein Dynamics by means of a correlation analysis of the delay fluctuations in real time However: even the best commercially available Photon Counting Modules DO NOT provide adequate performance!

11 SPTM Single Photon Timing Module for Single-Molecule Experiments
FWHM=60ps High Time-resolution: 60ps Low Dark Counts: down to 5 c/s Quantum Detection Efficiency: 500nm Single power supply +15V Controlled Temperature (Peltier cell) Software controlled settings RS-232 data transmission

12 Recent Achievement Non-invasive testing of ULSI Circuits by Ultrasensitive Picosecond Time-Resolved Luminescence Measurements collaboration with IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY Reference: Stellari F., Zappa F., Cova S., Porta C., Tsang J.C., "High-Speed CMOS Circuit Testing by 50ps Time-Resolved Luminescence Measurements" IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, 48, (2001)

13 Recent Achievement Photon-Counting Quadrant Detectors and Electronics for Adaptive Optics Systems of Advanced Telescopes collaboration with D.Bonaccini, ESO European Southern Observatory, Garching, D and R. Biasi, Microgate, Bolzano, I Reference: development of the STRAP (System for Tip-tilt Removal with Avalanche Photodiodes) for the VLT Observatory, Cerro Paranal, Chile

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