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All About Resumes Presented by Ms. M. E. Hawkins.

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1 All About Resumes Presented by Ms. M. E. Hawkins

2 What is a Resume? A listing of a persons skills, abilities, And Education This should lead to an interview

3 Types of Resumes Chronological Functional Combination of both

4 What are they? Chronological- people with a long, steady, Work history Work experience from recent and go back 10 years Functional-organized by skills or functions Good for High school students

5 What are they (cont.)? Combination-persons with job experience But the job experience is not steady

6 Do’s Use Action verbs Include ways to contact you Emphasize skills Emphasize accomplishments Proofread for spelling/grammar errors Tailor your resume to the job applying for

7 Don’ts Use personal pronouns (I, my, me) Lie on your resume Use abbreviations Use exotic paper, binders Fold or staple resume Mention salary

8 An example of a resume Functional Resume M. E. Hawkins

9 A note about Emails Make sure your email address does elude to Anything derogatory/rude/crude Example Or If you do, change it to your name

10 Final Thoughts? Remember the goal is to get an Interview Your resume is all the company Knows about you Your resume is NOT read it is SCANNED 10-15 seconds!

11 References “Resumes Do’s and Don’ts”, “Tips for students with no work experience” dos-donts.html dos-donts.html

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