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-CEIP Profesor Tierno Galván, Spain, Valencia, Puerto de Sagunto -Yeşilöz İlköğretim Okulu, Turkey, Ankara -Søre Trysil skole, Østby skole and Ljørdalen.

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Presentation on theme: "-CEIP Profesor Tierno Galván, Spain, Valencia, Puerto de Sagunto -Yeşilöz İlköğretim Okulu, Turkey, Ankara -Søre Trysil skole, Østby skole and Ljørdalen."— Presentation transcript:


2 -CEIP Profesor Tierno Galván, Spain, Valencia, Puerto de Sagunto -Yeşilöz İlköğretim Okulu, Turkey, Ankara -Søre Trysil skole, Østby skole and Ljørdalen skole,Norway, Trysil, Hedmark - Colegiul National de Informatica”Tudor Vianu”, Romania, Bucharest (project coordinator)

3 The final meeting: Approximate Date: February-March 2011 Venue : Trysil, Norway

4 STEPS TILL MEETING IN Norway - see the next slides (all throughout this period children and teachers from all partner countries will communicate to each other via internet and on the website forum)

5 November- December 2010  Feedback and information related to the activities so far are collected for the final report each country will have to present at the end of the school year

6  Polls and surveys are posted and carried out on the project’s website  Dissemination and implementation of all the partners’ work and teaching activities continues at all levels

7  The software Fazan/Pheasant is further developed by all partners together, all of them contributing to its transformation into a multi-cultural tool of teaching foreign languages  The final activity and software to which all partners have contributed will be presented at the final meeting.

8  Record pronunciation of the words and expressions in the software which are in your native language- this can be done with your students- send the recordings to the coordinator- Romania  Think of ideas to develop it more and send them by email to all partners  Video conference with teachers only- like a preview for the one in January  Video conference with teachers and students to share more ideas on January 18 th

9 November- December 2010  Choose the next 4 games that you will later turn into teaching activities and translate them as they are. Send them to all the partners.  Spain makes the third collection of games – it will be ready for the meeting in Norway.

10 December 2010- January 2011  All the materials that are available for the website are sent to Romania and the website is updated.  Norway starts work on the DVD-volume 2 with all the teaching activities done so far by all the partners( activities, teaching software, videos, lesson plans)

11 December 2010- February 2011  Adapt the 4 games into teaching activities (for foreign languages-English) that need ICT  Translate the teaching activities- send them to the partners  Integrate the teaching activities in lesson plans – translate the lesson plans- send them to your partners  Do the activities with your students – video them – send the videos to your partners

12 February 2011  Make and apply some questionnaires about how the teaching has improved with the use of these new activities: -how was it before how is it now? -how have the students developed? -get feedback from your students related to how they see these new activities.  Implement your partners’ teaching activities in your own school

13  Start planning the final evaluation form  The final evaluation is done with the help of a feedback form (whose content is decided upon on the first day of the meeting by the participating teachers) that is to be completed by all the participants attending the meeting after all the work and the products have been presented.  The final evaluation will be done on-line on the project’s website

14 February 2011  Disseminate the project- the games, the teaching activities and the lesson plans- yours and your partners’- you can do it in another school, in the press, etc  Prepare an analysis on the work done so far so as to present it in Norway

15 Deadline: February 2011  The website is updated with teaching activities, lesson plans, videos, evidence of dissemination.  Norway completes the work on the DVD – volume 2  Have ready the videos with the last activities to be given to the Romanian partner at the meeting in Norway to make volume 3 of the DVD till May 2011

16  The second volume of the DVD with activities will be presented by the Norwegian partner  The third volume of collection of games will be presented by the Spanish partner  The final evaluation form will be conceived  The multi-cultural teaching activity will be presented  The prospect of the development of a future textbook is looked at  The final details are to be discussed- further dissemination and implementation and final report

17  Keep up the good work!  Have a great winter!  Have a great trip to Norway!  See you there!

18 ‘This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.’

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