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Junior Parent College Meeting USA/Canada: Testing, Counseling, Choosing.

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1 Junior Parent College Meeting USA/Canada: Testing, Counseling, Choosing

2 Agenda Comparing USA/Canadian/UK Admissions Financial Aid Admission to Selective Institutions What Colleges Look for in Applicants Selecting Colleges Getting Started as Juniors

3 Spring Semester Testing Counseling College Planning

4 Testing By the end of Junior Year, students should have taken the appropriate standardized tests: PSAT SAT or ACT SAT II Subject Tests TOEFL

5 TEST Preparation Strongly recommended Many options available: Self-study Online Group courses Individual Tutoring See ASP website/US College Guidance & Admission for BESPOKE Course Information

6 ASP Mean SAT Results SAT Math: 636 SAT Critical Reading: 609 SAT Writing: 626

7 SAT & ACT Test Dates SAT & SAT IIs 2012: January 28, May 5, June 2 ACT 2012: Feb 11 (w/o writing), April 14, June 9

8 Getting Started: Counseling  Required Orientation Meetings (February)  First Individual Meeting with Counselor (assigned once group meeting is completed)  Review graduation requirements and academic record  Initial list of colleges  Parents encouraged to attend  Second Individual Meeting with Counselor  Data sheet submitted  Explore personal qualities, goals and interests  Revise initial list of colleges

9 Getting Started: Parent Contribution Parent Data Sheet: How I see …. Download from the ASP website under College Guidance. Preferably completed by second student meeting

10 College Planning and Prep Visit University Website Participate in meetings with visiting university representatives Utilize college guidebooks Plan college visits Consider summer programs Talk with alumni, friends, relatives, contacts

11 Selecting a College Genuine interest College type (size, private, public, liberal arts, co-ed) Location Academic Environment (competitiveness, majors, core curriculum) Campus Life (housing, social life, athletics) Expenses/Costs Entrance requirements: Safe/Target/Reach (8-10 schools)

12 EARLY Admissions Early Decision Early Action Rolling Admissions

13 Evaluating the Applicant Admissions Academic Performance Extra- curricular engagement Uniqueness Contribution to Diversity Character Alumni connections University Priorities

14 ACADEMIC Quality of courses Grades Position on the class (Grade Distribution and Weighted GPA) Standardized Test Scores Recommendations Awards

15 EXTRA-CURRICULAR ENGAGEMENT Seek evidence of meaningful involvement Emphasis on depth, not breadth

16 Uniqueness Personal essay Interview Recommendations Special Talents

17 Alumni Connections In most cases, parents or grandparents Loyalty to institution

18 Contribution to Diversity Minority students International students Geographic distribution Gender

19 Character Ethical and responsible citizens Contributing members of society Future leaders in a global society

20 University Priorities Enrollment plans Development

21 Selective College Admissions These colleges deny between 70 and 90% of applicants, many more than admitted Academic success is required but not sufficient for admission Your chances are doubled if you have differentiation Examples of differentiation include: minority status, alumni affiliation, athletic recruitment, award-winning achievements, outstanding leadership, exceptional talent and, to some extent, international exposure

22 Admission to CANADA Appeal of Canadian universities Each school has specific admission requirements Application deadline varies from January to March IB Diploma candidates are not required to submit SAT scores AP and USA high school diploma applicants must submit SAT, including SAT IIs, or ACT scores Applications made to specific faculties

23 Admissions to the UK Applications submitted via UCAS to study a specific course within university In most cases, IB Diploma or 4 AP exams required Scottish unis will often admit with a high school diploma and SAT scores Conditional offers will be based on predicted exam results

24 Financial Aid Net price calculator Need-based Loans Scholarships & Grants Work-study programs Non-Need Based US Citizens FAFSA Profile College application International Students Collegeboard Financial Aid Supplement

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