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2 Today’s Topic: What is emotional Intelligence ?

3 Emotional Intelligence ?
You have probably heard of the phrase Emotional Intelligence before. Daniel Goleman coined the term Emotional Intelligence or EQ, and he likened it to traditional intelligence or IQ. Except EQ is about how smart we are with the human connection. In other words, how effectively we manage ourselves and our relationships.

4 linguistic and logical mathematical
Emotional Intelligence ? Goleman actually expanded on the work of Harvard Professor Howard Gardner, who identified nine types of intelligences in his book, Multiple Intelligences. Traditional education only focuses on developing two of these types: linguistic and logical mathematical But people can have a range of talents or intelligences.

5 Goleman’s theory of emotional intelligence focuces on two types:
Intrapersonal intelligence And interpersonal

6 component of both successful leadership and organizations
EQ There is ample evidence to show that it's a key component of both successful leadership and organizations

7 EQ is more than twice as predictive of performance as IQ

8 80 to 90 percent of the professional competencies that differentiate top performers are related
to emotional intelligence.

9 Companies that have implemented
training on emotional intelligence, have seen phenomenal returns on their investment. Results: Increased productivity, sales, improved customer service and better decision making. Some of the return on investment has ranged as high as a 1000 %

10 An organization is the coordinated effort of a group of people serving the customers, through a series of daily conversations, interactions, and decisions. The more emotionally intelligent they are, the more effective they'll be on every level

11 Emotional intelligence, 2 components:
Personal Competence ( self ) relationship competence ( about others)

12 Inside both sides are both areas :
Knowledge Management Self awareness Self Control Awareness of others Awareness of others

13 What are my strengths and weaknesses?
Does my perception of myself align with How others see me? Where am I confident about my skills and abilities? Self awareness

14 What can I do to manage myself when under stress?
How do my values shape my words and actions? When do I take the initiative to solve problems? And, how do I support my continued growth and development? Self Control

15 Self Control Awareness of others Do you know how to accurately read others' emotions, both individually and in group settings? Can you anticipate the feelings, needs, and concerns of others? How do you cultivate your appreciation of diverse thoughts and experiences?

16 Awareness of others How do you help others achieve their highest potential? Can you identify the difference between healthy and toxic conflict? When do you initiate change and how do you support people's reaction to it?

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