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Adjectives and Adverbs

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1 Adjectives and Adverbs
Language Arts 7 Thurston Middle School Amy Cochren

2 Adjectives describe nouns.
They answer: 1) Which? He is the oldest brother. 2) What kind? He is a nice brother. 3) How many? He bought three donuts.

3 Adverbs describe verbs.
They answer: 1) How? He runs fast. 2) When? He ran yesterday. 3) Where? He is running here.

4 Adjective vs. Adverb Good is an adjective. It tastes good.
Good students study. Well is an adverb. I played well. I do not feel well.

5 Adjective vs. Adverb Describing a noun? Adjective
This is an easy test. She said an unkind thing. Describing a verb? Adverb I finished it easily. She spoke unkindly to me.

6 Classwork and homework:
Easy Grammar pages 189 to 196

7 Nouns People Places Things Ideas

8 Determiners signal nouns.
Articles: a, an, the Demonstratives: this, that, these, those Numbers Possessives: his, her, their, our, its, your, my Possessive noun: Tom’s car; student’s grade Indefinites: some, few, many, several, no, any These can function as adjectives or nouns!

9 Verbs Action words State of being To be I am We are You are You are
He/She is They are Was, were, been, being

10 LINKING VERBS Link the subject with a noun. He was the mayor.
She is the speaker. Link a word in the subject with a an adjective describing it. He was nice. She is mean.

11 Linking Verb Infinitive List
to feel to become to remain to taste to seem to appear to look to sound to stay to smell to grow to be

12 Beware! I tasted the soup. It tasted delicious.
I grew the flowers and then I grew tired. They smelled the flowers. The flowers smelled wonderful! Some of the linking verbs can be action verbs. Check test by inserting form of the “to be” verb. Is the verb a state or action?

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