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RFID passports How does is work? Step by step By: Einav Mimram.

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1 RFID passports How does is work? Step by step By: Einav Mimram

2 RFID- basic information  RFID- Radio Frequency IDentification  System that contains a tag, a reader and a computer software that uses radio waves in order to transfer information.

3 In passport  RFID chip in a passport holds all of the passport’s printed details (name, date of birth, nationality).  This chip can be read remotely by a reader that stored in the border control.  It is hard to fake this kind of passport.  Uses passive RFID tag- very cheap.

4 RFID system  Consists a tag and a reader.  Tag:  On the passport.  Includes the RFID microchip  very small (size of few rice grains), contains the passport’s identification details, can be update  Includes an antenna  Reader:  At the border control  to which the tag return its signal  Includes an antenna  Software  In the computer  Database

5 How does it work?  Data is stored within the RFID tag's microchip as an unique serial number ( Electronic Product Code ).  The RFID tag is stored in the cover page of the passport  the microchip discharges it’s EPC number to the tag’s antenna.

6 How does it work?  In the moment when the passport goes close to a RFID reader (distance of 10 ft), The tag’s antenna transmits the code to the reader’s antenna.  The reader’s antenna sends the code to the software  The software converts the number into digital data  The software sends the data to a secure world- wide database, and the person who looks at the database make sure that you are a traveler (and not a terrorist, etc.)

7 Area of impact  2.1 business & employment  Transportation

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