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Famous Americans WebQuest TaskResourcesIntroductionEvaluationProcess.

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1 Famous Americans WebQuest TaskResourcesIntroductionEvaluationProcess

2 Introduction You and your partner are going to research information about famous Americans in history. As you explore this WebQuest, you will journey through time to learn about the lives of famous Americans and where they fit into America’s history. TaskResourcesEvaluationProcess

3 Task You and your partner will research a famous American using the Internet, non-fiction and reference books. Each group will need to answer questions about a famous American and record your information on a biography wheel. After gathering your information, your group will use the information on your biography wheel to make trading cards for your famous American. You will need to make 12 trading cards. Use the timeline generator to print out a timeline of your famous American. IntroductionResourcesEvaluationProcess

4 Using your resources answer the following questions: 1) When and where were they born? 2) When did they die? 3) What did my famous American do? What makes them important? Three important facts about my American. 4) When and where did these event(s) take place? 5) How does this American show importance in our country? 6) Three extra very INTERESTING facts about your famous American that no one may know. IntroductionTaskResourcesEvaluation

5 Resources Multimedia Biography Grolier Online Kids Search Searchasaurus IntroductionTaskEvaluationProcess

6 Evaluation The following will be evaluated: Group Cooperation Research Trading Cards Presentation to Class Scoring Guides will be given to each group explaining how they will be evaluated. IntroductionTaskResourcesProcess

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