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Teaching the Yachting Australia Keelboat Instructor Course – Level 1 May 2012.

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2 Teaching the Yachting Australia Keelboat Instructor Course – Level 1 May 2012

3 Keelboat Instructor Pathway

4 Courses and Levels Level 3Spinnakers Start Racing Level 3 Instructor Level 2Start SkipperingLevel 2/3 Instructor Level 1Start Helming Start Crewing Level 1/2/3 Instructor Discover Sailing Experience Try SailingLevel 1/2/3 Instructor

5 Yachting Australia Instructor Course – Levels 1 / 2 / 3 Instructor Level Level 1 (Courses run In-House or through MYA) Levels 2 & 3 (Courses run by Yachting Australia ) Pre- requisites Completed Crew and Helm courses or equivalent skills based on assessment Level 1 Instructor Who can deliver Level 2 or 3 InstructorSenior Instructor / Assessor Course outcome Level 1 Instructor (or Action plan for re- assessment) Level 2 or 3 Instructor (or Action plan for re-assessment) Can teach Discover / Crew / HelmDiscover/Crew/Helm/S kipper Crew/Helm/Skipper Spinnaker/Racing Min course duration 2 days or 12 hours (provide course breakdown) 3 days or 24 hours Assessment by Senior Instructor / Assessor

6 Level 1 Keelboat Instructor Course - Pre-Requisites Sailing Ability – Should at least be above the level of Keelboat Helm Hold a current First Aid certificate Minimum 16 years old VHF license (preferred)

7 Level 1 Keelboat Instructor Training – Preparation Create a ‘Keelboat Instructor Course’ in myCentre Issue all candidates with an Instructor Workbook (YAIW) and the Keelboat Student Pack which includes: –Keelboat Log Book –Introductory Keelboat textbook Send out Joining Instructions Prepare your sessions in advance following the ‘Keelboat In-House Instructor Course Presentation (available from

8 Level 1 Keelboat Instructor Training - Theory Background to the qualification Centre’s safety policy and operational procedures Accident reporting procedure Reporting vessel maintenance EDICT Presentation and session plan preparation (presentation available from YA website) Go through YAIW and cover: –Role of Instructor –Duty of Care –Drugs –Child Protection Policy How to apply for assessment What will the assessment involve? When am I qualified to teach?

9 Level 1 Keelboat Instructor Training – Practical ( All sessions under supervision of Level 2 or Level 3 Instructor)  Session 1 - Observe on-water teaching session (3hrs)  Session 2 – Assist in the delivery of an on-water session (3hrs)  Session 3 - Deliver a full session following your session plan using EDICT principle (3 hrs)

10 Level 1 Keelboat Instructor – Application for Assessment Centre marks students as ‘completed’ in ‘myCentre’ Applicant submits ‘Application for Keelboat Instructor Assessment ‘(YA10) which is available from and pays the appropriate fee to SIA is engaged by MYA to assess the applicant by observing an ‘on-water’ 3hr session with live students on board Assessor briefs applicant on outcome providing details of the report and submits their recommendation to MYA

11 Questions?

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