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Electric Circuits.

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1 Electric Circuits

2 Definition A circuit is a complete, closed path through which electric charges flow Begins and ends at the same place

3 Three Parts of a Circuit:
1. Energy source 2. Wires 3. Load (light bulb, radio) The load converts the electric energy into other forms Most circuits have more than one load

4 Types of Circuits: Series Circuit
all parts are connected in a single loop only one path for the charges to follow Current is equal so bulbs have the same brightness. If more bulbs are added, the resistance increases, the current decreases Only one pathway – any breaks along the way and the charges stop flowing Example: burglar alarm

5 Types of Circuits Parallel Circuit Loads are connected side by side
Multiple paths for charges to travel Each load can work by itself

6 Circuit SAFETY Breaker box/fuse box is headquarters in the house
Standard voltage in U.S. is 120 volts Fuses Thin strip of metal If current is too high, metal melts and circuit is broken Circuit breaker Opens automatically if current is too high Thin strip of metal heats up and bends to open switch Close it by flipping the switch GFCI – ground fault circuit interrupter Small circuit breaker Reset button on outlets

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