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Let’s Meet Many Famous Artists

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1 Let’s Meet Many Famous Artists

2 “Hopeless” by Roy Lichtenstein is a good example from which time period in art history?

3 Figure 34-30 ROY LICHTENSTEIN, Hopeless, 1963
Figure ROY LICHTENSTEIN, Hopeless, Oil on canvas, 3’ 8” x 3’ 8”. Kunstmuseum, Basel (permanent loan from the Ludwig Foundation Collection).

4 Who is known for zeroing in on American mass production and its boring repetitions? He is famous for his paintings and prints of Campbell's soup cans and his images of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and other personalities. Marilyn, Oil, acrylic, and silk-screen enamel on canvas. Tate Gallery, London. Andy Warhol

5 During which historical period was “The Scream” by Edvard Munch painted?

6 Surrealism The artwork pictured above is an example of which time period/style in art history:

7 Invisible Bust of Voltaire
Salvador Dali Invisible Bust of Voltaire

8 What is the artistic technique used in Georges Seurat’s “Sunday on La Grande Jatte”?

9 Who was a Post-Impressionist who expressed his feelings and emotions in his work and is known for his painting "Starry Night"? He communicated his thoughts about creating art in letters to his brother, Theo. He was considered to be a failure during his lifetime, although his work sells for millions today. Vincent van Gogh

10 Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers National Gallery, London

11 Who was probably the most famous artist of the twentieth century with work ranging from Expressionism to Cubism? He created many different styles of art in his long career. Some of his famous paintings include "The Three Musicians" and "Guernica ". Pablo Picasso Guernica, 1935

12 Who was the Italian Renaissance artist best known for paintings such as the "Mona Lisa" , the "Madonna of the Rocks" , and the "Last Supper" ? He used aerial perspective to provide a greater sense of reality. He is also remembered as an inventor, engineer, anatomist, botanist, etc. He left over 10,000 pages of notes about his thoughts and discoveries. Leonardo da Vinci

13 This artist used tessellations to visualize the concept of two different worlds existing together at the same time. M.C. Escher


15 He developed a painting style called “Regionalism”
American Gothic He developed a painting style called “Regionalism” Grant Wood

16 Victor Vasarely Vega - Nor
This art is based on the idea that the artist can persuade the viewer to see visual illusions and the impression of movement within a painting OP art

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