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Streaming Technologies © N. Ganesan, Ph.D.. Real Media Product of RealNetworks, Inc.

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1 Streaming Technologies © N. Ganesan, Ph.D.

2 Real Media Product of RealNetworks, Inc.

3 RealNetworks, Inc. Background In 1995, RealNetworks pioneered and introduced the concept of streaming Foresaw the need for solutions for creation, delivery, & consumption of media over the Internet Invented and released its first version of RealPlayer and RealAudio

4 RealNetworks Related Products Media Creation: Helix Producer, Camtasia Studio, Presentation Maker, Media Publisher… Media Delivery: Helix Universal Server, Helix Universal Gateway … Media Players: RealOne Players for Unix, for Mac Osx, and for Windows … Other: Helix Platform, RealMedia Production Bundle, Streaming Media Starter Kit

5 Some RealNetworks Components RealOne SuperPass – rich media subscription service – over 1 million subscribers RealRhapsody –Song distribution service SMIL – language to manage media clips

6 RealNetworks Helix Platform Three components work together to stream the user’s media: –Helix Producer – creates streaming Real Media clips (such as RealAudio and Real Video); this process is called “encoding” –Helix Universal Server – streams the Real Media clips over the network –RealPlayer – plays the streamed Real Media clips for the user

7 RealNetworks Streaming Media Creation Helix Producer creates streaming media data packets by an “encoding” process –The source media is received as a file or live audio/video –A codec is used to compress the media source data into packets –The data packets are streamed via the Internet or network to the user –At the user’s end, the codecs are used to piece back the media so the user can play it

8 RealNetworks SMIL SMIL: Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) A markup language for coordinating and specifying how and when clips play Works for a media player in the same way HTML works for a Web browser Fosters interoperability between media players

9 RealNetworks SMIL advantages Stream clips located on different servers –SMIL files list a separate URL for each clip –Eliminates the need to merge clips into a single streaming file –Can lay out a presentation: for example, a RealVideo clip with subtitles written in RealText –Can time and control a presentation

10 RealNetworks File Formats In Real format, the content is compressed with proprietary RealVideo and RealAudio codecs Stored in a format developed by RealNetworks, and can be played using the RealOne player RealNetworks file formats.ra and.rm and.ram are not supported by Microsoft’s Windows Media Player

11 QuickTime A product of Apple Computer

12 QuickTime Background In 1999, Apple Computer introduced its QuickTime Streaming Server and created a real stir in the streaming media industry This new Server featured an open sourced, standards-based RTP/RTSP* engine –*Real-Time Transport Protocol/Real-Time Streaming Protocol

13 Growth of QuickTime In its first year, QuickTime 5 was downloaded over 100 million times by both Windows and Mac customers QuickTime 6 reached 100 million downloads in less than 10 months

14 QuickTime Products QuickTime Player : FREE premier multimedia player. QuickTime Player QuickTime Pro : Powerhouse media authoring. QuickTime Pro MPEG-2 Playback Component : Play MPEG-2 files with QuickTime. MPEG-2 Playback Component QuickTime Streaming Server : Industrial strength streaming server. QuickTime Streaming Server QuickTime + Mobile Multimedia : Apple 3GPP & 3GPP2 solutions. QuickTime + Mobile Multimedia QuickTime Broadcaster : FREE live encoder webcasting. QuickTime Broadcaster

15 Darwin Streaming Server “While sharing the same code base as QuickTime Streaming Server, Darwin Streaming Server is an open source project intended for developers who need to stream QuickTime and MPEG-4 media on alternative platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Solaris, or those developers who need to extend and/or modify the existing streaming server code to fit their needs” –An open source server offered by Apple.

16 QuickTime Streaming Server The current version, QuickTime Streaming Server 4, extends its support to new standards: –MPEG-4 –MP3 –3GPP – Applicable to mobile computing

17 QuickTime Streaming Server Available Versions Designed for Mac OS X Server Versions are available for Linux, Solaris, and Windows servers Also available as an open source server: –Called Darwin Streaming Server –Can be ported to other platforms by modifying some platform-specific source files

18 QuickTime Provides MPEG-4 video and audio (.mp4) file format support Also supports 3GPP (3 rd Generation Partnership Project), the new standard for high-quality multimedia on wireless devices MPEG-2 Pixlet – for the file industry For further information access: /qt/ /qt/

19 Technology and Relationships Apple Computer is a founding member of ISMA, an organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of open standards for streaming rich media over the Internet The QuickTime file format was chosen by the ISO MPEG committee as the basis for MPEG-4

20 QuickTime Architecture QuickTime architecture is track-based Each element of a QuickTime movie is contained in a separate track To make a QuickTime movie, add tracks that point to the media to be used A single movie may have many different track types, including video, audio, text, sprite, Flash, HREF, hinting, QuickTime VR, and chapter divisions Each track may possess modifiable properties

21 QuickTime Track types Movie track – annotations, copyright info, & general info on the entire movie Audio track – CD-quality audio; other formats Text track – Text imported for titles etc. Sprite track – Small animatable images Video track – Digitized video, 3D animation…. Music track - MIDI music with QuickTime instruments 3D track – QuickDraw 3DMF metafile objects

22 QuickTime Track Types (cont.) Chapter track – Divides movie into randomly-addressable chapters Flash track – for.swf Flash animation VR track – VR info for panorama movies Streaming track – reference to a live stream, or movie on a streaming server Hint track – allows real-time delivery HREF (URL links) & VR objects tracks

23 QuickTime VR Panoramas QuickTime permits content authors to create immersive “cubic” VR movies spanning 360 degrees Interactive elements as well as other movies can also be embedded into QuickTime VR panoramas

24 QuickTime Hint Tracks Not all media types can be streamed QuickTime VR movies and Flash tracks will not stream and must be delivered locally from a hard disk or LAN Movies for streaming via QuickTime Streaming Server must be hinted (hinting not needed for VR & Flash) Hint tracks tell the server exactly how to package the media data for the network

25 Flash and Shockwave Products of Macromedia, Inc.

26 Macromedia MX Product Family The MX product family combines client and server-based products and development tools for creating Internet applications The MX suite includes two cornerstone products: –Flash – for graphics –Shockwave – for animation

27 Macromedia Studio MX 2004 An integrated tool set Includes these applications: –Dreamweaver MX 2004 –Flash MX 2004 –Fireworks MX 2004 –FreeHand MX –ColdFusion MX 6.1 Developer Edition (Windows only)

28 Macromedia Flash MX Rich Media Support Video Support: –Import any standard video file supported by QuickTime or Windows Media Player: MPEG, DV (Digital Video), MOV (QuickTime), and AVI –Manipulate, scale, rotate, skew, mask, and animate video objects, and make them interactive using scripting

29 Macromedia Flash MX Rich Media Support Dynamic loading of JPEGs and MP3 files at runtime –Decreases maintenance costs –Optimizes file sizes High-fidelity audio support –Incorporates audio with support for MP3, ADPCM, and new speech audio compression techniques

30 Macromedia Studio MX 2004 Common user interface across all tools Shared Start pages, site definitions, panel management, document tabs, coding metaphors, and the common Property inspector An advanced version also includes Flash MX Professional 2004

31 Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Features Macromedia Flash Player 7 Enhanced compiler Create charts and graphs Animate text effects Integrate rich media content via import of PDF and Adobe Illustrator 10 files Use Timeline Effects and Behaviors to simplify timeline & scripting tasks

32 Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 All features of Flash MX 2004 plus: –Forms-based development environment –Powerful data binding –Professional video capabilities to deliver high-quality video –Use slides to organize & sequence projects –Produce and test content for devices and mobile phones with device templates and emulators

33 Macromedia’s other products Web publishing products: –Dreamweaver – content builder –Fireworks – graphic designer Interactive learning products

34 Macromedia Flash Flash was known as FutureSplash until 1997, when Macromedia bought the company that developed it Flash is a bandwidth-friendly and browser- independent vector-graphic animation technology As long as different browsers are equipped with the necessary plug-ins, Flash animations will look the same

35 Flash uses vector graphics Flash permits users to draw their own animations or import other vector-based images The leading vector technology for designing high-impact, low-bandwidth Web sites Flash lets designers and developers integrate video, text, audio, and graphics

36 Microsoft’s Windows Media Technologies An increasingly dominant streaming technology

37 Current Windows Media versions Current versions include: –Windows Media 7 –Windows Media for Windows XP –Windows Media 9 Series

38 Microsoft’s Data Rates Microsoft’s technology offers: –Streaming audio up to 96 Kbps –Streaming video at up to 8 Mbps (for the NetShow Theater Server)

39 Media 9 Series Features Instant-on / always-on streaming New fast and easy player Smart Jukebox Comprehensive platform 20% audio & video quality improvement Fast Streaming

40 Media 9 Series platform components Windows Media Player 9 Series Windows Media Encoder 9 Series Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series Windows Media Services 9 Series Windows Media 9 Series SDK

41 Media Series 9 Windows Media Series 9 components work together to provide special features to broadband users: –Fast Streaming –Instant-on / Always-on playback

42 Fast Streaming Eliminates buffering time to deliver instant- on playback experience Streams content to the Player’s cache as fast as network allows, reducing the likelihood of interruption in play due to network issues Automatically restores live or on-demand Player/Server & Server/Server connections if disconnected during a broadcast

43 Fast Streaming requirements You must run Windows Media Player 9 Series to get Fast Streaming Your connection speed must be higher than the data rate of the content you are playing The media you are connecting to must be hosted on a server running Windows Media Services 9 Series, a part of the Windows Server 2003 operating system

44 Summary

45 End of Module

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