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The Body paragraph in expository writing

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1 The Body paragraph in expository writing

2 NOTES CREATE A FOLDABLE. Fold your paper hot dog style.
Fold your paper hamburger style. In the middle, create a box.

3 Body Paragraph What is a body paragraph in expository writing?
It is on of three paragraphs that expands on a step or detail from the thesis statement. What does it do? It elaborates and gives more information and specific examples to support your step or detail from the thesis statement. It builds the thesis statement and expands your information.

4 Your First Sentence To start your paragraph off, you should try to use a transition word! This first sentence should be your topic sentence. Your topic sentence is where you STATE the point from your THESIS STATEMENT. This is where you begin your new paragraph. Creating a smooth transition is key to an excellent paragraph and a flowing essay.

5 Start with a TRANSITION
Beginning Transition words/phrases: First Firstly Admittedly Assuredly Certainly Granted No doubt Nobody denies Obviously Of course To be sure True Undoubtedly Unquestionably Generally speaking In general At this level In this situation

6 HOW COME? Why does this point matter? This should be several (AT LEAST 3) sentences. These are details or ELABORATIONS about the topic sentence. This is where you give SPECIFIC examples. You give details. You use transition words!!!!!

7 Put a transition in there!
Middle of the paragraph TRANSITIONS For instance In fact Like As an illustration In other words Because In the same way Following this further Pursuing this further in the light of the... it is easy to see that In addition Furthermore Moreover Also Besides By the way Similarly Equally important For example

8 Give specific examples! Do not be VAGUE! Use your transitions!
GIVE EXAMPLES Make it personal! Give specific examples! Do not be VAGUE! Use your transitions!

9 Conclusion Sentence Wrap it up!
This allows you to TRANSITION to the next paragraph. It wraps up this specific topic from your thesis, and it allows you to continue to your next specific topic. You should USE transition words!!!

10 End With a Good Transition
Concluding Transition Words for paragraphs Therefore This Hence Indeed As a result In summary In conclusion Therefore Finally As a result Consequently

11 Ticket out the door Create a brace map that includes the 4 parts of an introduction paragraph! You can use your notes!

12 PROMPT Write an essay explaining how you have changed since entering middle school.

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