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Sail The Five Oceans! Kiona Morehead.

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1 Sail The Five Oceans! Kiona Morehead

2 Content Area : Social Studies
Grade Level : 2 Summary : The purpose of this instructional power point is to inform students of the five oceans and quiz them on the information given in the slides. Objective/Target : Given the names and descriptions of the five oceans, the student will be able to identify them with 100% accuracy. Standard : 2.14 Construct a globe of the four hemispheres, seven continents and five oceans using the equator and prime meridian. Accomplishment : Gain knowledge of the location and characteristics of the five oceans.

3 Pacific Ocean The Largest Ocean
Spans across from South America to Australia and West Asia Covers more than 30% of the Earth’s surface. The Ring of Fire

4 Atlantic Ocean The 2nd largest ocean
About Half the size of the Pacific Ocean Located between the continents of North America, South America and Africa.

5 Indian Ocean The 3rd Largest ocean
Located between Africa, Southern Asia and Australia Largest Breeding grounds for Humpback whales

6 Arctic Ocean Located around the North Pole across the Artic Circle
The Coldest of all the oceans Polar Bears live on the Arctic Ice

7 Southern Ocean Located around the South Pole along the Antarctic circle Home to Emperor Penguins

8 Which ocean is the largest breeding ground for Humpback whales?
Arctic Ocean Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean

9 Correct! Yes! The Indian Ocean is the largest breeding ground in the world for Hump Back Whales.

10 What ocean is the 2nd Largest Ocean?
Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Anarctic Ocean

11 Correct!! The Atlantic Ocean is the 2nd Largest Ocean in the world.

12 Which ocean is known for the Ring of Fire?
Southern Ocean Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean

13 Correct!!! The Pacific Ocean is know for an area full of volcanic eruptions known as the Ring of Fire

14 Conclusion Good job! You have now learned about the 5 oceans and the important facts. Now lets set sail!

15 Incorrect Sorry, try again!

16 Try Again!! Not quite there yet!

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