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Marketing strategies ELI Beamlines and HiLASE Michael Vích, Lenka Scholzová 20. 5. 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria.

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1 Marketing strategies ELI Beamlines and HiLASE Michael Vích, Lenka Scholzová 20. 5. 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

2 Contain About us and our projects Our target groups The realized activities Experience gained Next steps

3 Science and technologies ELI Beamlines (Fundamental research) High power energy laser sources Secondary radiation sources Synchronization in femtosecond level Advanced imaging and diagnostic methods Biological, chemical and material laboratories HiLASE (application research) New generation of laser sources for industrial use Application laboratories for testing new applications New imaging methods

4 Technology transfer office Communication between researchers and users Contracted relations with potential partners (institutions, companies) Protection of intellectual property Negotiation of fair conditions of cooperation Promotion and marketing: Identification of products and services Market research of future users Call for new users and negotiating with them Feedback for optimization the research activities Managing the customer projects

5 Target groups Different needs - different approaches - specific communication Development of employees for well running the infrastructure Students (secondary schools, universities, postdocs) Universities – long-term cooperation, participation on university educational programs Using of the infrastructure Company users – wide spectrum of subjects Following research activities – scientific institution, universities Internal cooperation Regular educational activities for employees TTO services for internal use Social-economic impact

6 Activities for students Seminars for secondary students, university students, post docs Regular Summer school Workshops for researchers Workshops for the local people and general public Publishing ELI newsletter, website, social networks Seminars for teachers of physics Seminars for local people and general public

7 Activities for companies Motivation – the specific offer of unique services, solutions – not available on commercial basis Type of products – lecturing and training, consultancy, analyses, measurements, the contract research, collaborative research Events – fairs, call for companies, websites references, social networking, company road-show (Europe, North America, Asia)

8 Activities for employees Internal services of TTO Lecturing – basic education of IPR, elementary marketing strategies, basic of negotiation skills Calling of new collaboration – processing of marketing plan and its realization for specific products. Completed promotional activities. Managing the projects – the help with negotiations the cooperation conditions, valuation and timing of collaboration

9 Our experience I The best time to contact students - secondary school – future students of physics Students are interested in amusing science – entertaining seminars To make the seminar interesting – short lessons mixed with amusing laser experiments.

10 Our experience II Types of marketing materials Visually attractive Simple message – benefits for users Prepared for the specific target group Personal communication play the dominant role – searching the key contact person Feedback from partners Interest of cooperation in hi-tech field New partners starts with small projects – decreasing of risk Returning partners as a good reference – increase financial effect Effective using of time (company request) vs scientific reality Active offering and marketing – quick decision, quick profit The project often exceed one scientific team

11 Example of visualisation Fields of research Lasers for applications Technology of materials and structures Classical, Non-linear and Quantum Optics

12 Example of visualisation Technologies Lasers induced damage treshold Single Crystal for the Large Laser Elements

13 Next steps Marketing – fairs, direct marketing of target group Photonics – application of lasers and secondary sources Engineering - electronics, aircraft, automotive Laser sources – new technologies (short laser pulses) Mapping of the knowledge of scientific teams Definition of product portfolio Searching the suitable target groups Marketing strategies and its implementation ELI Beamlines summer school (24. – 29.8.2014 in Prague) Conferences and workshops

14 Conclusion Companies in our region not expect research institutions to be a business partner Work with public opinion - prejudice Patience, realistic expectations in both sides Even little step is counted Explain, explain and explain again Key to success is the understandable communication

15 Thank you for your attention

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