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Android Development for Rural Health Gautam Sanka UNC Chapel-Hill Summer 2012.

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1 Android Development for Rural Health Gautam Sanka UNC Chapel-Hill Summer 2012

2 Contents 1. Layout of Software Development 2. CARE Problem 1. CARE Process of Diagnosis 3. My Project and Initial Thoughts 4. Android OS 1. Overview of How to develop 2. Work Environment 5. Progression of Application 6. Problems Faced 7. MicroInsurance 8. Current Framework

3 What is the Problem?  CARE Rural Health Mission covers around 200 Villages in West and East Godavari and Ranga Reddy Jilla  Small Clinics that are supported by a Village Health Worker for each village and a Tri-Weekly Doctor


5 Process of Diagnosis at Clinic Database Follow-Up Treatment Medical Service Patient Identification

6 What do they want?  They want an easy method to uptake information from the patients in the villages  Existing data collection on paper has been  Inefficient  Small scope

7 Methods to Digitally Record  Laptops or Desktops  A specific electronic device  Mobile Phones on Android or iOS  Tablets

8 Database (Cloud- based) Android OS App Online Web Tool

9 Specific Considerations  Should be understood by the Village Health Workers  Internet Access availability  The framework of the backend should be comprehensive for health practitioners such that the data is valuable

10 Android OS  Mobile OS developed by Google  Open Source  Anyone can see the code and use a development kit to create Android applications for FREE

11 What is Required?  Java on your computer  Eclipse IDE  Android SDK

12 Work Environment

13 Basic info on Apps Activity Java File User Interface Screen Layout XML File Dimensions of Page Additions Pictures Music Files

14 Java File

15 XML File for Layouts

16 XML File for Layouts Contn.

17 Structure of Folders

18 What is available in Android?

19 An App Cycle

20 Book Knowledge is not Enough!  Knowing Java is not enough  Many of the questions encountered in App development are not in books or tutorials  Online Discussions sites like

21 Application First Slide

22 Application Second Side

23 Application Third Slide

24 Application Fourth Slide

25 Data Storage?  Things that need to be considered  Online accessibility  User-Friendly interface for backend  Android Connectivity  Cost Effective  Security

26 Google Spreadsheets  Settled on Google Spreadsheets  Easy to use interface  Low knowledge curve  Simple to connect to Android devices

27 Problems to Overcome  Not constant 3G availability in rural areas  Will not directly sync data with Google Spreadsheets

28 New Framework! Data is collected Transmitted to a local Excel File Syncs online when 3G is online Retransmits the data back to device

29 Micro-Insurance  Insurance Premiums for up to 4 members total  One Primary Holder and 3 subsidiaries max.  With the payment of around 600  Free visits to clinics for up to 6 times per year  Heavily subsidized costs at Partner hospitals  Came to talks with two Insurance companies

30 Format  Android app  To take bio data information about each group and assign unique identifiers  Picture must also be taken of all members  These would be uploaded to database for Insurance company to create insurance cards and then deploy them to village

31 Details 7 digits Each village got 30k sections Unique ID In Phone Spreadsheet Google Spreadsheet for all Database Separate Taken at various times Photo

32 Google Spreadsheets Google Drive Spreadsheet on Android JExcel Gdocs Api Gdata Api

33 Thank You!  Any Questions?

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