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Human Development: Prenatal-Toddler

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1 Human Development: Prenatal-Toddler
A Healthy Pregnancy Human Development: Prenatal-Toddler

2 Early Signs of Pregnancy
A missed menstrual period. A full feeling or mild ache in the lower abdomen. Feeling tired or faint. A frequent, urgent need to urinate. Swollen breasts causing discomfort or tenderness. Nausea and or vomiting particularly in the morning.

3 Medical Care during Pregnancy
Once pregnancy is determined, it is important for a woman to schedule a doctor’s visit. Obstetrician: a doctor who specializes in pregnancy and child birth.

4 The First Exam Check blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and weight.
A discussion of her medical history. Measurement of her pelvis to determine whether it is wide enough to allow a baby to pass through. Analysis of her urine for signs of infection or diabetes. Blood tests to rule out anemia. Anemia: a condition that results from not having enough red blood cells. Rh Factor: a certain protein. A check of the woman’s immunity to rubella, “German Measles.”

5 Later Checkups Gestational Diabetes: a form of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy. Preeclampsia: characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the mother’s urine.

6 Discomforts of Pregnancy
Nausea and/or vomiting. Sleepiness. Heartburn. Shortness of breath. Varicose (swollen) veins. Muscle cramps in the legs. Lower back pain.

7 Possible Serious Complications
Vaginal bleeding Unusual weight gain or loss. Excessive thirst. Diminished need to urinate or pain during urination. Severe abdominal pain. Persistent headaches. Sever vomiting. Fever. Increase vaginal mucus. Swelling of the face, hands, or ankles. Blurred vision or dizziness. Prolonged backache.

8 Nutrition during Pregnancy
Role of Nutrients Protein Vitamins Minerals Carbohydrates and Fats

9 Personal Care and Activities
Get plenty of rest. Exercise. Practice good hygiene.

10 Emotional Health during Pregnancy
Severe time of emotional adjustment. Vital to talk things out. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that may lead to mood swings. Every woman may feel upset and worried at times during pregnancy.

11 Depression Emotional and physical stress can lead to depression, deep and lasting feelings of sadness. Expecting mothers who feel overwhelmed need to seek help. A woman’s doctor may recommend a professional counselor or local support group.

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