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Edith Falcon-Ortega CUR/516 August 17, 2014. Dr. Shirley Burnett.

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1 Edith Falcon-Ortega CUR/516 August 17, 2014. Dr. Shirley Burnett

2  It should be very important for the new coming student to learn a second language. In this country we have a lot of Spanish speaking people that live around us. If we are preparing our student to have the best education and we are also preparing them to be able to work with other people in the business field as well as in corporations that travel world wide, we need to incorporate Spanish as a second language program for our students. They will benefit and learn how to communicate with others that speak Spanish around them.

3  It is important for children to have the knowledge of a second language. It is our responsibility as an important institution, to provide the tools and knowledge to the students so that they are able to learn Spanish. They will be able to learn the basics such as colors, numbers, letters, as well as how to ask for something and how to have simple communication with another individual in Spanish. To be able to provide excellent education for our students I know that they will leave the classroom knowing how to defend themselves in a Spanish speaking community.


5 Spanish as a second language Goals Students will be able to write simple sentences in Spanish. Students will be able to ask basic questions that they need to know the answer for in a communication. Students will be able to learn how to have a simple and basic communication in Spanish. ObjectivesWith the vocabulary learned the students will be able to compose full sentences with an 85% proficiency. Once the students are able to create sentences they will be able to create basic questions with a 90% proficiency. With all the vocabulary words and communication skills the students will be able to communicate with one another with a 90% proficiency.

6 Project-based learning, Collaborative learning or Encourage critical thinking skills and why The objective is used with encourage critical thinking skills. The reason is because they will need to use their critical thinking skills to learn the vocabulary words provided for them. The objective is used to encourage critical thinking skills, because the student needs to be able to write questions on their own. The objective is collaborative learning, because the students will be pair into groups and they will communicate with one another in different conversations. Instructional Strategies and activities Students will be provided vocabulary words where they need to find the definition and be able to tell if the word is a noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, and adverb. With those words they will write sentences. Using the vocabulary words they learned and the sentences that they created, the students will convert those sentences into questions and create more questions on their own. Student will be able to have full basic conversations with one another, with minimal help. They will be able to ask questions and also respond to them. They will also be able to give directions and express their needs.

7 Instructional Technologies Students will be able to use the internet and computer to search definitions and also write their assignments. Students will be able to use the internet to play a game in the site so they can learn to make sentences and questions in games and other forms. Before pairing into groups the students will be allowed to play games in the site to refresh their memory with vocabulary words that way they can perform well in their group activity.





12  We will have a class that will last one semester and we will meet for two hours twice a week. In this semester we will start with the basics, where the students can learn and become more comfortable with the language and the assignments. They will have fun activities where the students will learn and enjoy themselves in the class. By having a family and friendly type of atmosphere. Once the basic knowledge is mastered they will move on with the communication skills. Asking and answering questions with vocabulary learned so far and the new ones to come. At the end of this course our students will be able to communicate and feel comfortable as well as prepared to work with others that speak Spanish.

13  Once the students have accomplish this course they will end up knowing the basics sentences and knowledge of Spanish speaking language. With an 85% of proficiency these students will be able to communicate with other Spanish speaking people in the community. That communication will be based on basic questions that they are able to ask as well as answer correctly.

14  In this course we will implement a program where the students will be able to play games online that will enhance their learning skills. This internet website is called Student will enjoy this and learn from it. Also we will have a debate by the end of the year which will be used as an evaluation tool to see how the students have progress with all of their learnings.

15  Once our students graduate from this fine institution they will be faced with many multi cultural barriers. Many of it will be from a Spanish speaking background that we could prepare them and help them accomplish more in life after they graduate. We have the power to provide a great program for our students. We want to feel that our graduates are leaving with the best education and preparation available to face the work field. Let us add the Spanish as a second language program to provide the best for our students.

16  Learn spanish free online. (2014). Retrieved from

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