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Traveling around the world Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics Dong Fang College Toriano Cook.

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1 Traveling around the world Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics Dong Fang College Toriano Cook

2 Why is English so important for international travel? Imagine you are taking a business trip from Hangzhou to Berlin, Germany. You have a stop in Moscow, Russia. You speak Chinese and know some basic German, but you can’t speak any Russian! You must speak to airport officials in Moscow before you can continue your flight to Germany. What language will you speak???

3 Airport Vocabulary 1 aisle: corridor in airplane between the seats baggage claim: place where passengers go to pick up their luggage board: to get on or enter an airplane boarding pass: ticket showing that passenger has checked in and may board plane check in: to register for a flight, checking of tickets, passports, luggage confirmation: reservation has been checked before flight (confirmation number) arrivals / departures board: large display in airport showing times of departing flights domestic: national (not international) flight is entirely in one country duty-free: products free of a customs’ tax (duty) excess baggage: luggage that is more than the allowed weight (now usually 25kg for international flights)

4 Airport Vocabulary gate: the waiting area in an airport where a particular flight arrives and departs carry-on luggage: small bags that may be carried on board by passengers IATA: International Air Transport Association immigration officer: government official responsible for checking passengers' passports customs’ officer: government official responsible for checking passengers’ luggage for items/products not permitted for travel jet lag: extreme tiredness after a long flight between many time zones runway: the road strip on which planes land and take off layover: a stop during a flight where passengers must wait for their next flight. stopover: like a layover, but for a day or two transit passenger: passenger who is at an airport that is not his destination (during a layover or stopover)

5 Making Flight Reservations “Booking a ticket” is a simple process that you can almost always do online. But, you may have to visit an airline ticket office, travel agency or make a phone call to book and reserve your air ticket.

6 How to make flight reservations Know your travel dates! When do you want to depart & arrive. Is your trip one-way or round-trip? Will you have to pay extra luggage fees? In the US, domestic flights are $25 per bag; international 1 st bag free, 2 nd bag $100. What are the airport codes of your departing & arriving airports? Shanghai Pu Dong (PVG) Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) Hangzhou Xiaoshan (HG) Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Which class seat would you like: Economy (Some airlines offer “Premium Economy” Business First - Class

7 Common questions asked when making reservations for a flight Are you traveling alone? Will this be one way or return? When would you like to depart? When would you like to return? Do you mind a stopover? Or would you prefer direct (non-stop)? Would you consider other airports in the area? Would you prefer economy, business, or first class?

8 “I Need A Ticket To Vancouver!” Role-Play Speak as Airline Ticket Agent or Traveler Traveler: Choose a situation from choice boxes Airline Ticket Agent: Choose the best flight from the flight schedule.

9 At The Airport You will hear many important announcements regarding flight statuses. They will let you know if your departure gate has changed, if your flight times are delayed or even if your flight has been canceled. It is important that you try to pay attention and listen to each announcement.

10 Listening: Airport Announcements 1. Who is probably making the announcement? A) a pilot B) a flight attendant C) a ticket agent 2. What is the ultimate destination of the flight? A) Atlanta B) Miami C) Caracas 3. What change has been announced? A) the gate number B) the arrival time C) the boarding time 4. What are the current weather conditions outside? A) It's raining. B) It's cloudy. C) It's snowing. 5. What time will the plane depart? A) 12:15 PM B) 4:05 PM C) 8:45 PM

11 Customs & Border Protection Immigration Check Is your passport valid? Do you have blank pages? Do you have the correct ‘visa’ to enter the country? Identification & Verification: You may be fingerprinted or have your photo taken. Customs: What items are bringing into the country with you that may be banned or you may have to pay taxes for. In the United States, you: Must pay tax on ‘luxury items’ over the limit. You cannot bring vegetables, fruits and many different foods into the country Many kinds of medicines and drugs are illegal and will be taken at customs.

12 Documents & Forms Most nations around the world require a traveler have several documents with them before they are allowed to enter through immigration & customs Most airlines will have these forms in English & the language of the origin city (a flight from Shanghai to San Francisco will have forms in English & Chinese) Many airlines only use English!

13 Passport

14 Passport Information Page

15 Visa

16 Customs’ Declaration (US)

17 Customs’ Role-Play With a partner, one choose to be the customs’ officer, the other the traveler. Customs’ officers will follow the sample conversation questions. Travelers can be creative! Think of your country, where you are staying during your trip, how long you will stay, what other countries you have traveled to and if you have any items to declare (tell the officer you have) In many countries, if you declare nothing, but officers check your luggage find products you should not bring into the country, they will take your products and you may be given a very large money fine!

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