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2 Writing a letter Teacher elicits the lesson by asking some questions
Have you ever written any letter in your real life? What difficulties do you have when you start writing ? What difficulties do you have when you start writing ?

3 Brainstorming Some kinds of letter

4 Teacher asks students to read the letter below and find out how many main parts there are in a letter. The address usually in the top right hand corner 4 Hill Street Exeter,London 28 June 2005 Dear Lucy Just a note to say a big thank you for giving us such a wonderful time in the Lake district. Bill and I were so pleased tomeet your family, and they made us really welcome. I’ll never forget climbing Helvellyn. My legs ached for days, but it was worth it for a fantastic view! We’re both back at work now and this weekend we’re going to decorate the spare room so I hope you will come and visit us soon. Love, Ellie P.S I found that CD you told me about.Great band! Use Dear+ your friend’s first name The reason for writing can use informal language, contractions(We’ll,I’ll) End your letter with love, lots of love or Best wishes, yours sincerely… you can introduce something you forget -put it in P.S(postscript) after your name

5 Teacher presents input necessary for the students to write their own letters.
Some useful phrases for asking for information: Can you tell me a little bit about….. Would you send me a detail of….. I would be interested to know….. Please let me know…. Some useful phrase for a job application: I would like to apply for the vacancy advertised in…. I am writing in response to your…. Some useful phrases for a letter of complaint: I am writing to express my dissatisfaction I was surprised/shockes/horrified to find… In future I will take my custom elsewhere I look forward to a prompt reply/ a full explanation. I await your response/comments.

6 Some letter writing tips
· Always proofread your letter after writing it, check for sentence structure, grammar, spelling mistakes... · Proofread your letter again (and again) after you have revised it. · Keep the recipient in mind, and write in a way that he/she can easily understand the letter. · Don't use abbreviated dates, i.e. use November 19, 2004, and not 11/19/04 · Be respectful when you write, even if you are writing a letter of complaint.


8 Teacher give students exercise to practice writing a letter
(Use the phrases that the teacher has given before) Write a thank-you letter to someone you ‘ve stayed with Write a letter of complaint about the bad service of public transport you use in your city Write a letter to apply for a job in a particular company you wish to work there.


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