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Cancer Cells Gone Wild!. Cancer Cell Surrounded by T-cells and dead.

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1 Cancer Cells Gone Wild!

2 Cancer Cell Surrounded by T-cells and dead

3 How are cancer cells different from most cells? Do not have a normally functioning cell cycle Divide excessively and can invade other tissue

4 Tumor Abnormal mass of cells Skin Lung

5 Normal vs. Tumor Growth

6 Benign Vs. Malignant Benign-mass of normal cells at original site Malignant- cancerous and can spread to other cells

7 Tumor Abnormal mass of cells

8 Metastasis Spread of cancer cells beyond their original site

9 Metastasis of prostate tumor cells Into bone cells


11 Carcinogens Any substance involved in the promotion of cancer: gamma rays, X-rays, UV rays Dioxin (pesticide) Tobacco smoke Asbestos HPV virus

12 Cancers are named According to the tissue or organ in which they originate

13 4 types of Cancers Carcinomas Sarcomas Lymphomas Leukemias

14 Carcinomas Cancers that originate on external or internal coverings (skin, lining of intestine)

15 Carcinoma Forming

16 Sarcomas Arise in tissue that support the body (bone and muscle)

17 leukemia cancer in leukocytes (white blood cells) in bone marrow (too many white blood cells and not enough red blood cells)

18 lymphomas malignant cells in the lymph system

19 Lymphatic System Works with circulatory system to filter clear fluid (transports white blood cells) Lymphatic System You TubeLymphatic System You Tube

20 Cancer Populations

21 Cancer Gene Checker The p53 Tumor Suppressor Gene Triggers Cell Suicide

22 FYI p27 on chromosome 12 Inhibitor of cdk regulator of cell cycle High levels of p27 shown in breast cancers

23 Normal Cell Divisions Mammalian Cells will divide about 50 times in a culture

24 3 ways to treat cancer 1. Surgically remove 2. Radiation 3. Chemotherapy

25 Surgically Removal

26 Radiation Treatment To kill cancer cells Usually X-rays and gamma rays to target the cancer cells

27 Chemotherapy Drugs

28 Cancer Fighting Drugs: work on mitotic spindles TAXOL Paclitaxol Freezes the mitotic spindles after it forms From Yew plant VINBLASTIN Prevents mitotic spindles from forming From periwinkle

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