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Spain - Madrid By Celina Klinger.

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1 Spain - Madrid By Celina Klinger

2 Basic Facts 3.3 million people Largest city of Spain
Third most municipality in the EU Most touristic city Language: spanish Capital of Spain Good to have a dictionary

3 Interesting sights Royal Palace of Madrid Almudena Cathaedral
The Mueso del Prado Church of San Nicolas de los Servitas

4 Royal Palace of Madrid Official residence King of spain
State ceremonies Owned by Spanish State Open to public Except official business King doesn’t live in it

5 Almudena Cathedral Catholic cathedral Start: 1879 Completed: 1993
Gothic revival style Modern Statues of contemporary artists Took a long time to build it

6 Museo del Prado Museum + art gallery
One of the world’s finest collection of European Art Based on former Spanish Royal collection One of the most visited sights A lot of visiters

7 Church of San Nicolas de los Servitas
Catholic parish church Very old Part of a former mosque Ceded 1825 to the third order of Servites

8 History Heavy affected in the Civil War 1936- 1939
Stronghold of Republicans First European City to be bombed by airplanes

9 Sport Football: Real Madrid Atletico Madrid
1982: hosted FIFA World Cup Final Professional tennis players Skiing: Sierra de Guadarrama Atletico madrid: also very popular Skiing mountain: S.D.G.

10 Metro One of the most extensive and fatest-growing metro networks
Second largest in western Europe Computer rail network: cercanias Point 1: in the world Point 3: 370 kilometers

11 Climate June very hot A lot of rain in january

12 Important facts to know
Currency used: Euro : 1 Euro = 1,3176 US-Dollar Immunziations - Tetanus - Influenze - Mumps Language: Spanish Good to change money in the USA But also possible in Madrid at the airport

13 Summary Slide Many interesting places Good connections
Interesting sports One of the most visited cities!!

14 Sources Slide

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