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Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journals

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1 Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journals

2 Scholarly vs. Popular Scholarly articles (journals)
written by scholars or experts have references for works cited usually peer reviewed Popular articles, (magazine and newspapers) may be written by authors who have no expertise on the topic written for the general public no references

3 What is a peer-reviewed (refereed) scholarly journal?
Articles are reviewed by experts on the topic before being accepted for publication. This form of quality control is important to the scholarly process.

4 How do I find peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles?
Psychology Research Guide PsycINFO Academic OneFile Academic Search Premier Note: Limit search to Peer-Reviewed articles.

5 Academic OneFile

6 I have an article. Is it peer reviewed?
Leung, K. (2007). Asian social psychology: Achievements, threats, and opportunities. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 10(1), 8-15.

7 Look in Periodical Locator


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