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08/02/20111. The little Nation with a BIG Vision! Progressive, Leadership “I Can” Philosophy 08/02/20112.

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1 08/02/20111

2 The little Nation with a BIG Vision! Progressive, Leadership “I Can” Philosophy 08/02/20112

3 Centre Background Integrated the following programs; TESI Family Violence AHRDA (no longer exists in our community: due to duplication of services) Health Income Assistance Post Secondary Band School Drug and Alcohol Counselling 08/02/20113

4 Progressive Income Assistance Program 8 years ago we had 58 clients We changed the service delivery: all clients were required to do a needs assessment (Structure of Intellect) then they were required Develop an Action Plan: choosing Education Upgrading, Essential Skills, Training or Job Search 2 employable people were left on Income Assistance With Service Canada’s new model we lost our AHRDA on reserve and there has been a slight increase in the Income Assistance rate: 9 people currently on IA 08/02/20114

5 Philosophy Consistent with Martin Brokenleg’s Circle of Courage and Gordon Neufeld’s theories of Attachment. 08/02/20115

6 Evidence based Partnerships Respectful of Diversity Strength based Family and community engagement in education Student Engagement and High School completion Access to and success in adult learning including post secondary education and training Meaningful participation in the labour market Client at the Centre: 08/02/20116

7 To develop a data tracking system that can help us follow and report changes that Income Recipients achieve as a result of training programs and interventions; To develop accurate reporting mechanisms for Nominal Role, TESI, Family Violence, Aboriginal Training and Employment, Income Assistance: SDFSR, NCBR, Work plans: New Paths for Education, Parental Community Engagement, New Relationship Trust, School Professional Development, Teacher Recruitment and Retention, Special Education, Local Education Agreements, NADAP, Health Canada Reports, Housing, ASETS, etc… and to treat all clients in an integrated way. 08/02/20117

8 UNIFICATION Social Information Management Applications Unification- a web site database Unification Unification, developed by the Sto:lo Nation, is an application developed to manage social information. It can be web-based or stand-alone and enables users to manage case files in the social program, from intake to producing a cheque. Reports are generated electronically from data collection in the application, reducing the reporting burden to funders and improving compliance. First nations using Unification have a better understanding of how well their programs are working. FNTC is hoping to acquire Unification for use by First Nations in British Columbia. 08/02/20118

9 To address client needs in a holistic way that addresses healthy lifestyles, healthy relationships, interpersonal relationships, effective parenting, addictions, emotional strength, anger management, traditional values, essential skills in the workplace, and celebrates success. 08/02/20119

10 To do a comprehensive assessment of the communities unemployed, employed and their education levels. To discover clients aspirations. To register all members on reserve to encourage them to consider their lifetime employment strategy To do an environmental scan or labour market analysis to determine available jobs, build on existing and new partnerships. To work with partners to forecast 3 year, 5 year and 10 year projections of labour requirements so that we can develop training programs to provide clients with employable skills that will be in demand. 08/02/201110

11 08/02/201111

12 Long Term Outcomes are intended to increase: representation of Aboriginal peoples in workforce the number of Aboriginal peoples in sustainable employment youth employment, with a focus on previously unengaged youth the number of sustained Aboriginal businesses Objectives 08/02/201112

13 Objectives:  To begin with what people want and to match them to employers: What’s in training for me?  To ensure Aboriginal peoples have the information and supports necessary to set and achieve career goals  To ensure Aboriginal peoples have the documented essential, employability and occupational skills, and the credentials to participate fully in the labour market  To strengthen employer engagement and investment in human resource development opportunities  To support Aboriginal engagement in entrepreneurship  To facilitate access to sustainable employment, including work experience opportunities  To address the needs of individuals who are underemployed. 08/02/201113

14 For Community: Build community capacity, knowledge, tools and resources build human resource capacity within community Increase links and partnerships Build cross-cultural awareness and acceptance For Clients/Students: Increase self-confidence and identity Create co-operative relationships Increase leadership opportunities 08/02/201114

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