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2 euseden Our Solutions Internal Audit Accounting systems & processes
Due diligence Business plans, budgets, feasibility reports MIS & Reports Cost Reduction Compliance Audit Finance function outsourcing

3 euseden Profile Hemanth Kumar
Chartered Accountant with 15 years of extensive professional experience in ITES, Manufacturing, and Construction industries. Worked in the corporate sector across the spectrum of finance & accounting, financial controllership, treasury management, financial reporting, financial systems and controls, direct and indirect tax compliance. Since May 2012 working with euseden as Associate Director- internal audit, outsourced finance function service and other financial consultancy services. Areas of expertise Internal audit, Accounting systems, controls Financial reporting, MIS, financial performance reports Financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, project reports, Financial due diligence, compliances, transition. Earlier headed the Finance and accounting function at Fidelity National Financial India (FNFI), Bangalore. FNF India is a fully owned subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial Inc. USA - provider of back office services of BPO, KPO and IT outsourcing capabilities with employee base of over 1200 employees. FNF Inc is a leading provider of Title insurance in USA.

4 euseden Internal Audit
Internal auditing provides an independent, objectively assessed opinion on an organization’s operations. It is intended to add value and improve an organization's operations and helps to accomplish its goals. Internal audit uses systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. We will cover under Internal audit – Consistent observation of processes and procedures Compliance with company policies Statutory compliances Compliance with Accounting standards Effectiveness of internal controls Operational risks Conducting special purpose reviews and audits Audit will be done based on The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) framework, guidelines.

5 Accounting systems & processes
euseden Accounting systems & processes Accounting systems comprises Transaction processing system, financial reporting system. This provides the organization the basic data, information based on which all the decisions and the business are run. Data integrity, timely provision of the data will be the essential object for an accounting system. Establishing a comprehensive internal control system along with accounting system, helps in achieving objective of effective and efficient operations, reliable financial reporting and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We will help an organization in – Evaluation of accounting systems and processes, Identify improvement areas Establishing internal control systems Standard operating procedures & Manuals Automation of processes Indentify best business practices suitable for the company Vendor, inventory, capital asset management – process and controls Accounting & Finance function optimization for effective transaction processing and information generation contd ….

6 euseden Due diligence Financial due diligence helps to understand more clear picture of an organization, its financial position to evaluate investment decisions, or review the holding of the investment. Due diligence reviews the quality of earnings, accounting policies followed, the level of risks in the operations. This can prevent unpleasant surprises and provides adequate. The outcome of the due diligence can help in taking informed investment decision. We cover under financial due diligence Business oriented analysis Evaluation of business model, key business practices, policies Financial performance, key performance indicators, position in the recent past and review of projected financials Assessment of assets – current, capital assets, liabilities – recorded and potential, cash flows, capex requirements Basic assessment of business operations, internal systems, records, reporting, compliances, tax demands & litigations Key drivers, assumptions contributing to the enterprise value

7 Business Plans, Budgets & Feasibility Reports
euseden Business Plans, Budgets & Feasibility Reports Business plans and budgets give direction to the organization for meeting its goals. Rolling out short and medium plans, budgets help to track the performance. Effective implementation and monitoring of the performance can make the business plans and budgets more successful. We can provide assistance in – Preparation of business and operating plans Building budgets to meet these plans Budget implementation, tracking system Automation of budget process Establish responsibility system for budget administration, information flow Feasibility reports for expansion, new projects Budget manual covering process of preparation, approval, rolling out, monitoring of budget

8 euseden MIS & Other Reports
Information system provides different levels of management with relevant report at periodical intervals about the financial and non financial performance of the operations. Establishing a robust system which provides reliable and timely reports will help to review the operational performance and making timely decisions. We assist in building a reliable information and reporting system – Design of reports - financial and operational Reporting for various levels of management, multiple business units Automation of data collection, report generation Financial performance reports with budget data, for monitoring variance. Design of accessibility of reports based on function and levels of management.

9 euseden Cost Reduction
A sustainable business cost management is essential to achieve profitability targets and long term growth. Focus on cost reduction gives quicker improvement in profitability than targeting revenue increase. However this should not impede in revenue loss. Opportunity for cost reduction needs to be identified across the value chain We provide services in Cost measurement, analysis Identify possible areas and ways of cost reduction Optimization of working capital, capital assets, and other resources Implement Activity Based Costing (ABC) to work out the appropriate cost Identify activity analysis, identify outputs, cost measurement, roll out of ABC.

10 euseden Compliance Audit Compliance audit reviews an organization’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations, tax laws, corporate policies, accounting standards. This audit can identify the current practices, deviations, make corrective measures to enhance the compliance. We also cover compliance under Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for the applicable corporates. Assessment of business processes including internal controls for providing reliable financial statements. The audit reviews business processes are well documented and effectively implemented. The SOX audit provides comfort to the management’s responsibity for publishing full and true financial statements, and effective functioning of internal controls. For SOX audit also COSO internal control framework and enterprise risk assessment will be used for evaluating the business processes /internal control system.

11 Finance function outsourcing
euseden Finance function outsourcing An organization having just basic accounting function always looks for a Financial advisor who can guide the accounting team for providing better financial information, help to comply with statutory compliances, provide timely financial reports, analysis to the management for taking better decisions. This is where we provide a dedicated outsourced CFO who has the hands-on, executive-level knowledge and experience to assess, manage and resolve financial issues and processes. This service can help the management to focus on business operations. We can help in providing – Periodical Financial reports, statements Improved accounting system by guiding the staff Cash flow management Statutory compliances, Reports for banks and other financial institutions Increased internal controls Budgets and business plans Establishing accounting function and team for new business

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