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Chapter 13 Physical Distribution and Documentation.

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1 Chapter 13 Physical Distribution and Documentation

2 Chapter Outline Modes of Transportation -Land -Air - Water Cargo or Transportation Insurance

3 Chapter Outline Packing -Packing Problems -Container Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker Contract Logistics Documentation -Shipping Documents -Collection Documents

4 Modes of Transportation Determinants of Transportation Modes - Market Location - Speed - Cost

5 Modes of Transportation Land Air Water - conference lines - independent lines - tramp vessels Multi-modal cargo transport

6 Cargo or Transportation Insurance Marine cargo insurance – Special policy – Open policy

7 Packing Problems Weight. Breakage Moisture and Temperature Pilferage and Theft

8 Freight Forwarder exporter's agent (shipping agent) performing virtually all aspects of physical distribution moving cargo to overseas destinations in the most efficient and economic manner compensation: fee from exporters and brokerage fee from shipping companies

9 Customs Broker importer's agent entering and clearing goods through customs

10 Documentation: Shipping Documents Export License – General license – Validated license Shipper's Export Declaration Form Hazardous Certificate Packing List Shipper's Letter of Instruction Dock Receipt

11 Documentation: Collection Documents Commercial Invoice Foreign Customs Invoice Consular Invoice Certificate of Origin Inspection Certificate Special Purpose Documents

12 Documentation: Collection Documents Insurance Certificate Air Waybill Bill of Lading

13 Functions – Document of title – Receipt of goods – Contract of carriage Types – clean vs. Foul – on board – straight vs. negotiable

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