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Welcome to the Canadian Women’s Foundation JOIN COMPANY TEAM!

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2 Welcome to the Canadian Women’s Foundation JOIN COMPANY TEAM!

3 Highlights  Welcome and introduction  The Issue: Violence against women in Canada  Canadian Women’s Foundation’s MOVE FOR HOPE  Raising HOPE together!  Next steps

4 Violence against women in Canada 67% of Canadians personally know a woman who has been physically or sexually abused Approximately every six days, a woman in Canada is killed by her current or former partner. Every year, up to 360,000 children in Canada witness domestic violence. FACTS Right now, more than 6,000 women and their children are staying in shelters because it’s not safe for them to be at home.

5 Canadian Women’s Foundation annual campaign to end violence against women  Canadian Women’s Foundation is Canada’s only national foundation for giving women and girls a chance for a better life  We empower women and girls to move out of poverty, out of violence and into confidence  Funds raised through the campaign support every shelter for abused women in the country (almost 450) and prevention programs that stop the violence  Move for Hope kicks off the annual campaign to end violence against women

6 Move for Hope  Premiere pledge-based fundraising event to end violence for women  A one-hour empowering workout led by GoodLife Fitness for all fitness levels  Great team-building event for corporate/community teams/individuals to give back to their community (maybe even spur some friendly competition!)  Held across Canada on April 12 th,2014 11:00am – 12:00pm in CITY - VENUE  Music, refreshments, prizes, smiles and great motivational energy all provided for a fabulous event day experience for you and your team mates

7 Let’s raise HOPE together! Recruitment & Fundraising Goals  Number of Teams (Team Captains) – XXX  Total team members – XXX  $ Fundraising Goal – XXX Additional support (if applicable)  Corporate matching program  Corporate donation  Move for Hope event sponsorship How are funds allocated? Local funds raised support emergency shelters and programs that stop the violence - for good.

8 Team Captains  Role: Motivates and encourages others to join his/her team such as co-workers, friends or family; helps promote Move for Hope.  Step 1: Register for Move for Hope (  Step 2: Set a Fundraising Goal – set a goal for yourself and your Team (suggested $250 minimum per team member to receive fabulous rewards).  Step 3: Recruit Team Members - Recruit co-workers, your family, and friends to join your team.  Step 4: Fundraise! Share your enthusiasm and excitement with your team as you strive together to reach your fundraising goal.  Step 5: Move for Hope, Follow Up and Celebrate! Come out, have fun and celebrate together knowing you are helping to end violence for women.

9 Top 4 Fundraising Tips  Start fundraising early! Give yourself, your team, and your donors enough time to reach your fundraising goal  Set a goal that’s incredibly rewarding! We ask each participant to raise a $250 fundraising minimum. The more funds you raise, the more impact you will have on creating safety for women and their children who’ve escaped violence  Customize your Fundraising Page! Take advantage of your personal web page – upload a picture, add personal message, and send out request for donations and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll reach (and surpass!) your goal  Use easy online tools to manage donations and track your progress

10 Other ways to Fundraise & Support Move for Hope  Join an existing Team, set your own goal, and personalize your Fundraising Page  Donate to a colleague whose participating  Organize a corporate fundraising initiative to help reach your goal (eg: jeans day, 50/50 draws, raffles, etc)  Spread the word about Move for Hope to your network to encourage donations or sign up a team!  Put up a Team Recruitment Poster to generate awareness and excitement in the cafeteria, hallways or water cooler area  Volunteer at the event

11 The impact is extraordinary “When we don’t talk about abuse, the stigma flourishes and we lock the door to safety and hope for other women. The Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Move for Hope provides hope and possibilities for women across Canada” – Patricia, survivor

12 Join COMPANY Team on Saturday, April 12th Visit to get started today!

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