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1. Streamlines the UI claims process for employers faced with layoffs:  Permanent or temporary  Ten or more employees at one time 2.

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1 1

2 Streamlines the UI claims process for employers faced with layoffs:  Permanent or temporary  Ten or more employees at one time 2

3 Employers can submit basic worker information on behalf of their employees to initiate a claim for unemployment benefits 3

4 Employers send laid off employee data to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Unemployment Insurance Support Services Division  Names  Addresses  Social Security numbers  Certain demographic data 4 (continued)

5 5

6 activate their claim by requesting payment  internet payment request  TeleServ 6 (continued)

7 If a potential claimant does not request payment:  TWC does not activate the claim  claimant does not receive unemployment benefit payments 7

8  eliminates the need to respond to written notice of application for each individual filing a claim  automatically makes employers a party of interest to each claim filed (continued) 8

9  allows submission of the workers’ final week's earnings, helping to ensure proper payment  permits the employer to submit the layoff information prior to the layoff 9 (continued)

10  permits the submission of Wages in Lieu of Advance Notice of Layoff information, reducing subsequent contact by TWC 10

11  allows workers to establish claims more efficiently and easily than filing on their own  eliminates hold on the claim because TWC already has the information from the employer 11

12 12

13 CC all the Mass Claims unit to discuss the layoff with a mass claims specialist: 512 463-2999 CC omplete the pre-formatted mass claim agreement letter and spreadsheet EE -mail the completed forms to the Mass Claims Unit as soon as possible 13

14  Discusses the layoff specifics with the employer  Reviews the submitted documents  Processes the spreadsheets 14 (continued)

15  Notifies the employer of the expected processing date of the mass claim  Provides the Mass Claim Information sheet for the workers  Provides follow-up services to the employer 15

16  Complete the mass claims spreadsheet and agreement letter  Send in the completed forms early  Respond to all inquiries from the mass claims unit 16 (continued)

17  Advise the workers that they are using the mass claims process  Hand out the mass claims Information Sheet to all workers 17

18 Mass Claims Unit 512-463-2999 Email: Forms available on Keyword: Mass Claims Process 18

19 19

20  offers an alternative to employers facing a reduction in force  reduces the hours of work among a specific group of employees 20

21 Wages lost to the worker as a result of reduced hours are supplemented by a partial unemployment benefit amount. 21

22 22 To participate, an employer must:  reduce the normal weekly hours of an employee in an affected unit  by at least 10 percent  no more than 40 percent (continued)

23 23 To participate, an employer must:  reduce at least 10 percent of the employees in that unit  submit the shared work application to TWC for approval

24 24  Trained workers are retained  Workers must accept all work offered by the employer during this period  Workers must be physically able to work and available for full time work during this period ( continued )

25 25  Employers can have multiple shared work plans to fit their needs  Employers provide TWC with the payroll information, ensuring proper reporting (continued)

26 26  Employers can alternate weeks of shared work and weeks of full employment  Shared work plan lasts for one year (continued)

27 27  Plan does not affect hiring or firing decisions  Employers can reapply when the current plan expires

28 28  Part time employees cannot participate  Affects unemployment insurance tax and experience rating  Reduction of hours due to seasonal work cannot be covered under shared work

29 29  Short application for shared work  No waiting week  No work search  Wages from other employment are not reportable (continued)

30 30  Employer gives TWC payroll information so the worker does not have to call TeleServ or request payment  Payment made by debit card

31 31  Employer submits shared work application to TWC  TWC approves the application and sends the application for UI for the workers to complete (continued)

32 32  Employer returns the completed applications to TWC  TWC processes the applications and notifies the workers of their benefits (continued)

33 33  Employer gives TWC payroll information weekly or biweekly  TWC enters the payroll information and pays the worker

34 34 The amount of shared work benefits is the percentage of regular Unemployment benefits that equals the percentage reduction in work hours (continued)

35 35  If there is a 20 percent reduction in hours, 20 percent of the weekly benefit amount will be paid  Worker must work at least 24 to 36 hours a week to qualify (continued)

36 36  Claimants will fall under regular UI rules if they work:  less than 24 hours a week  more than 36 hours a week

37 37 The shared work applicant is eligible for $200 per week in regular unemployment benefits (continued)

38 38  Normal work hours per week = 40  Employer reduces the hours by 20 percent - (40 x.20 = 8 hours) $200 x.20 = $40 Employee receives $40 in unemployment benefits each week in addition to their regular wages for the 32 hours of work

39 39 Shared Work Unit 512-463-2999 Forms available on Keyword: Shared Work

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