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‘Way to Win’ Getting The Most From A Recruitment Agency 30 th June 2011 Christine Lambert Reed Specialist Recruitment.

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1 ‘Way to Win’ Getting The Most From A Recruitment Agency 30 th June 2011 Christine Lambert Reed Specialist Recruitment

2 Introduction  Background to Reed  How to get the most out of recruitment agencies  What do employers look for in an employee  Making the best of your CV  How to make the most of your interviews  3G Mindset Vs Skills

3 Background to Reed  Established since 1960 - for over 50 years  An independent company  Over 350 branches worldwide  Permanent, temporary, contract and outsourced recruitment solutions  30 Specialisms – extensive portfolio of clients for job seekers  - largest recruitment website in the UK, with 1.3million job applications per month  Over 12000 recruiters advertising on  – opportunities for job seekers and recruiters internationally

4 Background to Reed Core business  Reed Specialist Recruitment – recruitment solution service  Reed Learning – learning and training opportunities  Reed In Partnership – breaking down the barriers to employment and social inclusion  Reed Online – manages and develops our online presence

5 Contacting Agencies  The benefits of using a recruitment agency  What do we do  What to expect  Preparing for the approach  What do we look for

6 Why do recruiters use agencies ? There are various ways of recruiting: Websites, word-of-mouth, national /local press, radio and Jobcentre Plus.  Saves time and money  Short - term quick fix, long term cover roles, urgent vacancy  Gain advice on current market and availability of suitable candidates and salaries  Interview a short-list of candidates who meet the criteria for the job description and person spec  Only relevant CVs are submitted for roles  Short-listed candidates -Interview preparation  Communication of Job offer to placement - salary negotiation

7 What do we do ?  Sales and business development activity to gain new business  Expect to be interviewed by a qualified Consultant  We aim to assist jobseekers who meet with our client’s profile  We consider eligibility, experience, skills, qualifications, confidence, flexibility and mindset  We assess, register and interview  Honest about opportunities and prospects

8 Agency Interview Questions Be prepared to communicate effectively the following:  What type of work are you looking for: temporary, permanent, contract  What is your current situation  What is your work history  Do you have an up to date CV  Relevant Qualifications  What are your key strengths in the workplace  What are your job seeking activities  Registered on

9 Be prepared !! When telephoning or visiting and agency  Introduce yourself clearly !!  Explain the purpose of your call or visit  Dress appropriately  Have your CV in front of you or bring it with you  Be confident in discussing your skills and experience  Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses  Have a pen with you to take down information !!

10 What do employers look for ?  Steady work history or qualifications  Good communication skills – written and verbal  Smart presentation  Confidence and enthusiasm  An understanding of good work ethics  Commitment, hard working and the willingness to learn  Flexibility and ability to multi-task  Willing to go the extra mile  Attention to detail  Relevant experience for job applied for

11 The role of the CV Objective of a good CV To detail your education, qualifications, employment history and personal qualities and suitability Aim To attract the attention of an employer in order to be short- listed for an interview for the role applied for

12 Making the most of your CV  Your CV is a powerful tool  Presentation, style and layout are very important  Check grammar and spelling  It should be interesting, factual, clear & relevant  Use universal language  Use bullet points – easier to read  Promote your skills & strengths  Explain long gaps in your employment  Don’t miss out on valuable information  Don’t squeeze everything onto one page !!

13 Making the most of your interviews Aim of an interview The interview is your one opportunity to promote yourself and your skills to a potential employer. Objective You must - PLAN !! PLAN!! PLAN!! Fail to plan, plan to fail !! The first impression is a lasting one !!

14 Planning for your interview Ask yourself these questions:  Why have you applied for this vacancy  Do you have and understand the job description  What format will the interview be  Have you researched the company website  Have you planned your journey/route - timings  What are you going to wear  What planned questions will you ask in the interview

15 The Interview  Get there early !  Be in control of your nerves and be aware of your body language  Take a copy of your CV/application form with you  Ensure you ask your prepared questions  Competency Based Interview Questions – what are they  Draw reference to your skills, experience and achievements  Express your interest in the position and show enthusiasm  Ask when will a decision be made and when is the job to start  Tell the interviewer you are interested !!

16 After the interview Consider the following :  Is this the right job for you  Location – within easy commute  Salary - can I afford to live on this salary if offered  Agency – must call your Consultant to give feedback  Always gain feedback after your interviews  Offered on the spot - Never turn down straightway !!

17 What is 3G Mindset - Panorama Book written by Chairman – James Reed and Dr Paul G Stoltz In this unstable and highly competitive jobs market, everyone wants the best advice on how to stand out from the crowd and secure a richly rewarding, well paid position with long- term potential. But what does it actually take to get and keep the job you want? 97 percent of employers argue that it goes beyond having the right skills—it’s all about the right mindset Therefore, Mindset Vs Skills

18 3GMindset – Global, Good, Grit Master Your Mindset Your mindset has a profound impact on the success that you achieve in work and life.  Master Your Mindset is the #1 program worldwide for achieving what top employers and scientists call “The Winning Mindset’’ or The 3G Mindset can help you:  Measure - Gauge your mindset with the 3G Panorama™, the world’s leading measure of a winning mindset.  Master - Enhance your mindset and gain an instant edge in work and life. Apply Create your CMe™ and triple your chances of getting the job that you want.

19 3GMindset – Global, Good, Grit  Book available from WH Smith or Amazon  Top seller for Jobseekers  Trebles the chance of getting the job you want  Assess you mindset now  Psychometric personality test - 80 questions – 5 minutes  Visit and take the 3G Panorama

20 Thank you Any Questions ?

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