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RSA SecurID November 10, 2005.

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1 RSA SecurID November 10, 2005

2 Two-Factor User Authentication Most Common Application

3 Why Focus on Authentication?
Authentication is the essential foundation for trusted business process Establishes trust by proving identities of the participants in a transaction “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog” Also: Authentication is a core competency of RSA Security Inc.! NON-Repudiation!

4 Why Focus on Authentication?
Authentication is the foundation for other critical services Authorization / Access Management Audit/Compliance Personalization Business policy: liability, assurance for transactions Applications and services: access control and authorization Presentation / Personalization: what the user sees Authenticated Identity (user, device, application, group, organization) Also: Authentication is a core competency of RSA Security Inc.! Defining relationships through quality of experience Relationships between identities and information Relationships between people, groups, and organizations Source of graphic: Burton Group, “Enterprise Identity Management”, October 2002

5 Authentication Market Drivers
Expanding access Increasing numbers of mobile workers and telecommuters Extension of the enterprise network to third parties Customers Partners Increased awareness of issues with online computing “Willy Sutton effect” Increase in sensitive information accessed remotely High levels of internal compromise/theft Growing security awareness The problem with passwords Passwords provide weak security Multiple passwords are unmanageable Passwords are surprisingly expensive According to Frost & Sullivan, these are the top drivers for authentication technologies. This list can reasonably be simplified into 3 high-level drivers: Expanding access Increasing value of online information -- Willy Sutton was a famous bank robber from the 1930s; when asked why he robbed banks, he reportedly answered “because that’s where the money is” The problem with passwords There’s no argument about the reality or impact of expanding access. However, the reaction to the increasing value of information has been slow -- an August 9, 1999 article in Info World (“Sorting Out Security”) refers to it as a “creeping pressure to secure their companies’ crown jewels.” Likewise, the recognition of passwords as (a) weak and (b) unmanageable at large scale has been slow, but is increasing. [D. Brink, 5/1999] Source: RSAS, adapted from Frost & Sullivan

6 Authentication Choices Relative Strength
PIN + PIN PIN PASSWORD + + + Password Policy POLICY + All of us need to be able to ask the right questions to determine which level of authentication is most appropriate for our customers … and to be able to explain and defend the relative positioning of various authentication alternatives. Single factor Two factor Three factor Weaker Stronger

7 RSA SecurID Authentication Solution
Calculates passcode Authentication Agent User enters Passcode (PIN + token code) User Authenticated! Authentication Manager

8 RSA SecurID Time Synchronous Two-Factor Authentication
RSA Authentication Agent RSA Authentication Manager Seed Time Algorithm Cisco PIX, ASA, Routers Seed Time 032848 Algorithm Same Seed Same Time

9 RSA SecurID Authenticators
RSA SecurID Hardware Tokens Key fob Standard card PinPad USB Hybrid RSA SecurID Software Tokens Windows PC Microsoft PocketPC Palm Handhelds BlackBerry Handhelds Wireless Phones

10 RSA SecurID Common Applications

11 Typical Uses for RSA SecurID VPN Applications
Corporate Network Encrypted tunnel through public network Internet VPN Gateway VPN Client

12 Typical Uses for RSA SecurID Application Control – perimeter defense
Corporate Network FTP, HTTP, SMTP, IM, Peer–to-Peer Firewall

13 Typical Uses for RSA SecurID Web Access Control
Corporate Network Internet Web Server Web Browser

14 Typical Uses for RSA SecurID Restrict Administration Functions
Corporate Network Internet Access Devices Admin Console

15 Remote Access Auth Agent 5.3 for Web streamlines authentication to OWA
SecurID passcode prompt replaces the password

16 Citrix – No Password Required!
Citrix Web Interface 4.j0 ships in April For Citrix Web Interface 4.0, users only need to supply a username, domain, and PASSCODE!

17 RSA SecurID Appliance Secure and Simple

18 Bundled Pricing Options
RSA SecurID Appliance Bundled Solution An all-in-one solution for Small to Medium size businesses Easy to Purchase Solution bundle up to 250 users Includes h/w, s/w, tokens, and maintenance Easy to Deploy Installs in 15 minutes Solution ready in <1 hour Easy to Manage Easy to Upgrade Customer support from RSA 3-yr Tokens RSA SecurID Appliance SW License 1YR HW Warranty What is an appliance? “A(n) …. appliance is a single-board computer with a hardened operating system, a limited application set and no user software installation” Penetration of appliances 10% of servers in small businesses 5% of servers in midsize businesses Gartner analysis Some SMEs lack awareness of the benefits of appliances But 40% of SMEs will be using appliances (either in house or via service providers) by 2005 ATT and other managed service companies have expressed interest in an RSA ACE/Server appliance Server OS in SMBs Dominated by Windows (75%), then Linux (10%) 1YR SW Main Bundled Pricing Options 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 & 250 Users

19 RSA SecurID Appliance Key Features & Benefits
Purpose-Built Appliance Hardened Windows® Server 2003 Disabled Components & Services Hardened TCP/Stack Limited Group/User Sharing Options Application Hardening Authentication Manager v6.0 Full Feature Set Web Management Interface Embedded Web Server (IIS 6.0) plus Authentication Agent for Web Benefits Lower TCO Faster Implementation Stronger Security Full Functionality Easy to Manage


21 Non-Appliance Bundles
Includes Authentication Manager Software and Tokens AUTOPRO10, AUTOPRO25, AUTOPRO50 Supports Windows®, Unix and Linux Maintenance sold separately 12 month 8X5 12month 24X7

22 What RSA Security’s Customers Say— from the recent The Info Pro survey
“It’s solid. It just works. High assurance of proper authentication.” “Experienced, trusted.” “The number 1 vendor in providing authentication.” “Ubiquity makes support easy and reliable.” “The server stays up. It is scalable and has a great track record.” “Great for us. It is reliable and it works when it should.” “Very solid and dependable.” “Very impressed with RSA and their products. They are a great company and I always get the answers I need. They’ve been fantastic.” “Their tech support is the model for a help desk and quality of support. They are the best I’ve ever seen.”

23  2004 RSA Security Inc. All rights reserved
Award Winner 23  2004 RSA Security Inc. All rights reserved

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