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Evaluation of Effectiveness

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1 Evaluation of Effectiveness
Chapter 19

2 Evaluation of Effectiveness
What is the purpose of this phase of advertising campaign planning?

3 Methods of Evaluation Research
1. Developmental Research 2. Concurrent Research 3. Posttesting Research 4. Diagnostic Research

4 Evaluation Components
The affect of the communication on the receiver The effect of the communication on Sales

5 Copy Testing Message strategy Concept testing Pretesting Diagnostics

6 Concurrent Testing Tracking Results Attitude tests Wave analysis
Consumer diaries Pantry checks Test marketing Favorable/Unfavorable Pre/Post design Record activities View products used Test cities

7 Post-testing Memory tests Persuasion tests Likability tests
Inquiry tests Scanner Single-source Recognition, Recall Attitude change Liked/Disliked Responses to ad Recall - aided and unaided. Established connections between product and commercial Single Source- Divides community into matched groups and sends ads to one group and not the other. Results are measured at the super market scanner Check out scanners Matched groups

8 Media Evaluation Check estimates against actual vehicle performance
Determines whether reach and frequency objectives were obtained Evaluates GRP and CPM

9 Media Efficiency ROI Wearout Optimization Creation/Running vs Revenue
Lack of or no response Dollars spent vs greatest impact

10 Campaign Evaluation Last stage in the development of a campaign plan
Determines whether the campaign was effective

11 Direct Response Evaluate ads containing elements that can be returned by using direct-response counts

12 Sales Promotion Sales Response rates Awareness Redemption rates

13 A Sales Promotion Breakeven Analysis

14 Public Relations Changes in Awareness Attitude change Behavior change

15 Retail Advertising Increase in store traffic Visibility Loyalty

16 B2B Advertising Leads generated Conversion rates

17 International Advertising
Evaluation should focus on pretesting Helps correct major problems before miscommunication

18 Discussion Question Research professionals recommend using focus groups to help develop a campaign strategy or theme, but many are opposed to using focus groups to choose finished ads for the campaign. Is this advice contradictory? Why or why not?

19 Discussion Question Most clients want a quick and easy answer to the question of whether the ad works. Advertising professionals tend to believe that a one-score approach is not appropriate. If you were helping an agency prepare for a presentation regarding campaign effectiveness, what would you suggest the agency say to the client that a one score approach is not valid?

20 Discussion Question In the craze of the late 1990s, new Internet companies emerged almost daily. What types of strategic or evaluative research do you think many of these companies conducted, if any? Do you believe research would have helped any of these companies make decisions that might have helped them survive the crash?

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