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Breast Cancer The Power of the Pink Ribbon By: Gabrielle Sorapuru.

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1 Breast Cancer The Power of the Pink Ribbon By: Gabrielle Sorapuru

2 What is Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a condition in which malignant (cancer) cells develop within the breasts tissue. A heterogeneous disease – Different and varied cells combine Categorized into groups based on where it forms. – The Ducts and Lobes (Organs that produce breast milk) are the most common but it can also form in other tissues within the breast in rare occasions

3 Affect of Breast Cancer On Women Approximately 1 in every 8 female will develop some sort of breast cancer within their life time. Roughly 15% of women with breast cancer have a relative with breast cancer also

4 Breast Cancer and men Many males don’t know that they are at risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Affects approximately 1 in every 1000 men. Believed to be caused by a mutation in DNA.

5 Discovering Breast Cancer Breast lumps – Most breast lumps are not cancerous, however, there are instances in which they are Mammograms are the most common way to discover if a person has breast cancer – Routine check ups

6 Stages 5 possible stages for breast cancer 0 stage is the low stage also the beast stage to treat breast cancer – Cancer is confined to where it started 5 stage is the high and worst stage – Cancer has spread to various other tissues within the breast

7 Treatments Several different kinds of treatment options – Chemotherapy/Radiation Radiation to the designated area of cancer to kill the cancerous cells – Surgery Doctors remove cancerous tissue – Biological Treatment used to strengthen the immune system to help fight off the cancer.

8 Ratings of Survival Stage5-year Survival Rate 093% 188% 2A*81% 2B*74% 3A*67% 3B*41% 3C*49% 415% *A represents early in that stage *B represents later in that stage *C represents its almost spread to the next stage

9 Organizations Organizations such as the Breast Cancer Foundation promote events that raise awareness – Walks – Charities – Breast Cancer Awareness Month October

10 Reference Page nosis/staging.jsp nosis/staging.jsp

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