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A study of origins

2 Creation & Evolution: Two different views of origins
How did everything get started? Where did we come from? Whatever happened to the dinosaurs? What about cavemen?

3 Two views of origins Where can we find answers to these and other questions? Should we ask scientists or should we believe the Bible? Can we do both?

4 Two views of origins As a Christian, I believe that God created, just as He tells us in the Bible. In the very first verse of the Bible, we find out that “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

5 Two views of origins The Bible is not the only place that we can learn about creation. The facts of science also tell us much about creation. By carefully studying the facts of science, I have become convinced that the universe could not have created itself, and that living things, including people, could not have happened just by chance—they had to be created by God!

6 Two views of origins “Things just happen to be the way they are, there is no real purpose in our being here; we got here by chance.” This is the theory of evolution. God created everything. This is the theory of creation. No one can really believe what the Bible tells us about creation and also believe in evolution. Neither can one really believe in the facts of science and believe in evolution!

7 Two views of origins Evolutionists claim belief in evolution because science supports evolution. To say this is to be either ignorant of the truth (the real facts of science), or to deny creation no matter what the facts say, because in order to believe in creation, one has to believe in God. People don’t want to believe in God and what the Bible says because belief requires accountability.

8 Two views of origins No matter what evolutionists want to believe, the facts of science do not support evolution. There is a mountain of scientific evidence that supports creation. Science is very interesting, and learning how the facts about our world support creation is truly an amazing story.

9 Why is This Subject Important?
“How we got here?” and “ Why are we here?” are the most fundamental of questions The answer to these questions affects how we think about the world, our “world-view” Creation is a God-based world-view, evolution is not The truth about origins is not being taught - the possibility of special creation being true is disallowed, leading to atheistic thinking

10 World-view Implications
Creation: man is special, different from animals; put here for a purpose; God is in control Evolution: man is nothing special, just an advanced animal; man is an “accident” of nature; man is in control What are the “fruits” of an evolutionary world-view?

11 World View Today

12 Evolution is Everywhere
Taught in public schools Biology textbooks Library books Television shows about nature Natural history museums Zoos Popular magazines

13 Confusing? (Most) churches say “creation”
Almost all other respected influences say “evolution” What are we to believe? Could all those scientists be wrong?

14 What is Creation?

15 What is Creation? “Creation” is the idea that our universe and the natural things in it were created by God The creation events are described in the first chapters of Genesis in the Bible The creation events took place over six 24-hour days, after which all creating ceased The age of the earth is “young”, about 6,000 to 10,000 years

16 The Bible Has Answers God All things By His power In the beginning
Who created? What was created? How was it created? When was it created? How long did it take to create? God All things By His power In the beginning 6 days

17 Creation Model God created ALL things Sin was the cause of death
God destroyed the world by a worldwide flood Man was created in the image of God God created ALL things

18 What Is Evolution?

19 What is Evolution? “Evolution” (“naturalism”) is the idea that undirected natural processes have transformed primeval energy/matter into the structures of the universe, our earth, first life, and eventually people Our universe started with the “Big Bang” - an explosion/expansion of a dense collection of subatomic particles and radiation The Big Bang material has existed eternally or “fluctuated” into existence from nothing

20 Evolution Evolution is based on materialism
Evolution is the ideology there is no Creator God

21 The “Theory of Evolution”
The “Theory of Evolution” as outlined by Darwin applies to living organisms “Neo-Darwinism” updates Darwin with genetics “Mutations” supply the new raw material “Natural selection” retains the mutations which provide a reproductive advantage All life (plant and animal) has derived from a common ancestor

22 Evolutionary Origin of Life

23 Time, chance, and natural processes
Evolution Model About 15 billion years ago the universe exploded into existence About 4.6 billion years ago the earth evolved About 3.5 billion years ago life evolved Humans evolved from ape-like creatures Time, chance, and natural processes

24 Two Models of Origins CREATION EVOLUTION Life from the creator
Life from inanimate matter Life from natural processes First plant and animal types were complete All life from same living source Each type produced by slow change from ancestor Variation limited within a type (kind) Variation unlimited Sudden appearance of types in fossil record Gradual change in fossil record No transitional forms between higher categories Transitional forms between all categories

25 Two Worldviews in Conflict
Evolution Bible The universe exploded into existence out of nothing X In the beginning God created Life evolved from a pool of chemicals by natural processes X God created all life Different life forms evolved from a common ancestor over millions of years X God created all life after its kind

26 Science and Why It Matters

27 World Views of Scientists

28 Truth about Scientists

29 Interpretation of Scientific Data
Assumption of Evolution Assumption of Creation Scientific Data Evolution is Seen Creation is Seen Interpretation is influenced by assumptions and biases


31 Evolution, Science, and the Bible
Creation Evolution 1st Law of Thermodynamics 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Law of Cause and Effect Law of Biogenesis Laws of Science

32 The Bible, Science & Evolution
Opposite Science Same Evolution Bible (Creation)

33 Christian Doctrine and Science
Danny Faulkner, Ph.D. Astronomy “Many Christian apologists today accept the big bang and claim that Genesis is in complete agreement with the big bang. However this is a situation driven by “science” and not by Biblical studies…. Therefore those who accept the big bang and make it part of their Christian apologetics are guilty of interpreting the Bible in terms of current science. This is a dangerous precedent.”

34 The Bible teaches what can be done
Effects of Evolution One of the main reasons we are drifting in the church in reference to this subject is that we cannot defend our belief in the Bible What can be done? The Bible teaches what can be done But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: (1 Peter 3:15)

35 Meaning of 1 Peter 3:15 We must understand what we believe
We must understand why we are Christians We must be able to articulate this belief reasonably and biblically

36 Evolution is a religious belief system It must be accepted by faith

37 The Bible Has Answers God All things By His power In the beginning
Who created? What was created? How was it created? When was it created? How long did it take to create? God All things By His power In the beginning 6 days

38 Results of Evolutionary Teaching

39 The Starting Point Scripture is true (John 17:17)
All Scripture is inspired (God-breathed) (2 Timothy 3:16) God’s Word is understandable Starting Point



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