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N eutrino E xperiment with S pectrometer S i n E urope SPECTROMETER(S) Prospects for a New Neutrino CERN-PS Experiment: 1Luca Stanco - CdS Padova.

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Presentation on theme: "N eutrino E xperiment with S pectrometer S i n E urope SPECTROMETER(S) Prospects for a New Neutrino CERN-PS Experiment: 1Luca Stanco - CdS Padova."— Presentation transcript:

1 N eutrino E xperiment with S pectrometer S i n E urope SPECTROMETER(S) Prospects for a New Neutrino CERN-PS Experiment: 1Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

2 F.Mills, July 2010 As a summary of tensions on Neutrino Oscillation business: 2Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

3 Neutrino Oscillation: problem solved? Neutrino oscillations have established a picture and a large number of experiments consistent with the mixing of three physical neutrino e, and with mass eigenstates 1, 2 and 3. There are however a number of anomalies which, if confirmed, could be due to the presence of an additional, large squared mass difference and of additional neutrinos. Two distinct classes of anomalies have been observed, namely –apparent disappearance signals: (1) the anti- e events detected from near-by nuclear reactors and (2) from the from Mega-Curie k-capture calibration sources in the Gallium experiments to detect solar e –observation for excess signals of ne electrons from neutrinos from particle accelerators (LNSD/MiniBooNE) –and… MINOS (CPT?) 3Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

4 Anomalies in mesures at reactors G. Mention et al. arXiv:1101.2755v1 [hep-ex] Experimental results are compared to the prediction without oscillation, taking into account the new spectra, the neutron mean lifetime and the off-equilibrium effects. The averaged ratio is 0.937 ±0.027 4Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

5 Excess of events: 87.9 22.4 6.0 Beam related backgrounds Expectation for oscillations Data points after background subtraction LSND: Evidence for ( e ) 5Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

6 F.Mills, ICHEP, July 2010 Putting together LNSD and MiniBooNE Plus reactors anomaly, Gallium anomaly, cosmology indications… 6Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

7 7

8 A complicated picture ? lSterile neutrino models l3+2 next minimal extension to 3+1 models 2 independent m 2 l4 mixing parameters l1 Dirac CP phase allowing difference between neutrinos and antineutrinos CMB + LSS + Λ CDM Ns= 1.6 ± 0.9 Hamann, Hannestad, Raffelt, Tamborra, Wong, PRL 105 (2010) 181301 Number of sterile neutrinos FROM COSMOLOGY 8Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

9 Why a New Neutrino Facility ? The idea for reviving the CERN PS neutrino beam line was triggered by a letter of intent from an experimental collaboration led by C. Rubbia* Since then a more concrete experimental proposal is being considered However, it can also be used for other experiments/studies: –Neutrino cross section measurements at very low energies (on and/or off-axis) –Target R&D –Detector studies, etc...... Beyond 3 Family Neutrino Oscillations, 4 May 2011 Rende Steerenberg, CERN Switzerland REVIVAL OF THE CERN PS NEUTRINO BEAM * Memorandum to SPSC, March 9 th 2011 9

10 Aim : Investigating the existence of sterile neutrinos through the measurement of ν μ ν e oscillations by using a low energy ν μ or ν μ beam in combination with a close and far liquid argon time projection chamber. What about ν μ ν oscillations ?? Consider for example a 3+2 Sterile Neutrino model by Kopp et al. APPEARANCE DISAPPEARANCE TO BE FOLDED with the, e,, e BEAM compositions/contaminations and with and cross-sections ! 10Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

11 The large number of models (i.e. the lack of conclusive DATA) implies the ABSOLUTE need for a DOUBLE measure: FAR and NEAR to establish what is oscillating and what is not TWO SPECTROMETERS FAR NEAR at PS site 11Luca Stanco - CdS Padova C. Rubbia et al A search for anomalous neutrino disappearance and oscillatory phenomena at the CERN-PS Memorandum to SPSC, March 9 th 2011

12 Charge and momentum measurements in Neutrino Interactions for the Charge Current mode: important and challenging Important because: increase the active target mass by measuring the muon momentum increase the range of m 2 (at higher values, especially in the eV 2 range) calibration of the beam with a clean muon measurement at high p normalization point for the NC/CC rates clean separation of nu and anti-nu interactions disentangle the nu and anti-nu reverse contaminations in the beams Challenging because: find best compromise between passive and active materials 12Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

13 Spectrometer The Target coverage must be as large as possible FAR site * Liquid Argon is the best option as for - backgrounds - energy range - full measure of interaction 13Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

14 GOALS/CAVEATS Perform a DESIGN STUDY for a two-module Detector as - cheap - almost no R&D - fast - fully compatible with the LAr proposal(s) - standalone - maximizing the physics output 14Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

15 In conclusion: light spectrometer, e.g. 2.5 cm iron slabs several detection layers, e.g. 8 layers per arm as wide as possible, e.g. 2*8 m (w) * 5 m (h) Use RPC detectors ALAOP and Precision Trackers 8 m 5 m 2 m (2 arms) FAR = 2 * NEAR Dipole with B=1.5 Tesla UNDER STUDY !!! 15Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

16 Possible Physics output: Reconstructed Neutrino Energy FAR site -bar LAr+Spect (Q) LAr+Spect (Q) 16Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

17 Actions so far and in the near future MAY: presentations done to Neutrino Conferences the physics case well accepted preliminary discussion with INFN mangement INFN Giunta OK but no money for the beam discussions with CERN mangement READY to pursue the beam project and to pay for the beam JUNE: preliminary discussions with CNII go ahead with the study and the setting up of Collaboration SEPTEMBER: evaluation in CNII submission of a Memorandum to CERN-SPSC NEXT: optimize the magnets and the detectors 17Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

18 A very exciting physics experiment is proposed for the more than 50 years old CERN PS CERN Research Board meeting of 8 June: Team set up. TT7 and nTOF beam sharing makes efficient use of the CERN PS: The proposed experiment could be completed in 3 to 4 runs without forming any competition for protons with other experiments Shortening possible by dedicated running nTOF would gain also on the number of integrated protons No direct competition for protons between PS and SPS neutrino facilities Large part of the required infrastructure is available, but needs to be consolidated Everything else needs to be designed and constructed The facility can also be (re-)used for other low energy neutrino physics, target R&D, Detector R&D, etc... CERN position 18Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

19 Collaboration Bari: 0.4 FTE/2 Bologna: 1.1/4 Frascati: 0.2/2 Lecce: 0.5/2 TOTAL: 4.7 FTE / 22 people Padova: 1.6/7 Roma1: 0.6/3 Salerno: 0.3/2 In case the DESIGN STUDY will become an EXPERIMENT Be ready to multiple people for about 2 and FTE for about 4 In the near future: expression of interest from - 2 other Italian sites - French groups - Cinese group 19Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

20 Coinvolgimenti: BARI: Simulazione, Front-End BOLOGNA: Simulazione, Software, DAQ, Disegno, Meccanica FRASCATI: Simulazioni, Disegno, Rivelatori LECCE: Rivelatori, Meccanica, Front-End, DAQ PADOVA: Simulazione, Disegno, DAQ, Meccanica ROMA-1: Simulazione e Software SALERNO: Software e Calcolo 20Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

21 Gruppo di Padova: R.Bertolin (30%). Responsabile Locale F.Dal Corso (10%) S. Dusini (40%) C.Fanin (10%) M. Laveder (10%) M.Mezzetto (20%) L.Stanco (40%). Responsabile Nazionale 1.6 FTE Riferimenti nella collaborazione - Alessandro Bertolin: DAQ - Stefano Dusini: Simulazione Detector e DAQ - Marco Laveder: Studio Fisica - Mauro Mezzetto: Studio Fisica e Simulazione - Luca Stanco: Supervisione Costi e Collaborazione Nel 2012 si dovrà ottimizzare la struttura. È mandatory costituire un team multi-site di Ingegneri Meccanici. A Padova si chiedono 6 mesi-uomo di Ingegnere e 6 mesi-uomo di disegnatore 21Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

22 Richieste finanziarie 2012 Missioni Interne: 27 K (6 a PD) Missioni Estero: 24 K (6 a PD) Inventario: 5 K (3 a PD) Consumo: 33 K (8 a PD) Richieste ai servizi PADOVA per il 2012: Elettronica: 2 m.u. per consulenza DAQ 2 m.u. per consulenza Front-End Meccanica: 4 mesi uomo prototipizzazione Uffico Tecnico: 6+6 mesi per Struttura meccanica Tot 89 K, di cui 23 a Padova (Richieste molto limitate per il prossimo anno) 22Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

23 Tentative FINANCIAL and TEMPORAL plan for 2013-2017 plus possible (minor) non-INFN contributions 23Luca Stanco - CdS Padova 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

24 Learn Physics with Nessie 24Luca Stanco - CdS Padova

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