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Applied Engineering Technology Educational & Career Pathway Project Southeastern Pennsylvania February 2007.

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1 Applied Engineering Technology Educational & Career Pathway Project Southeastern Pennsylvania February 2007

2 National Context Companies can’t find the people they need Future workers are expected to need higher math, science, problem solving and interpersonal skills Average age of advanced manufacturing/ technology employee is 54 25 million baby boomers expected to retire by 2008 Businesses projected to need 10 million new workers by 2020 Source: Keeping America Competitive—How a Talent Shortage Threatens U.S. Manufacturing, National Association of Manufacturers, 2005. See

3 Regional Context 5,500 companies employing 200,000 people Companies can’t find the technical talent they need Pipeline is down to a trickle Stiff competition for talent Parents want their children to go to college 30 year disinvestment in the technical education system No growth population region DVIRC Survey results: –51 companies need 320 people now –52 companies will need over 450 people within 12 months


5 Regional Response Applied Engineering Technology (AET) Education Project –Work with existing educational institutions to create a steady, predictable supply of technically proficient, well-educated human capital –Tie all AET programs to educational pathways, credentials, and degrees that directly support business needs –The goal is 10,000 people in AET pipeline in 5 years Support new curriculum and program development – Promote and build 2+2+2 and 2+4 articulation agreements – Develop new degree programs aligned to industry sectors Engage broad community through career and educational awareness programs Create courses to support professional development for educators Utilize new, rigorous assessment and testing methodologies Focused on building actual enrollment in targeted programs Aligned with the State’s Job Ready Agenda $25 million investment needed over 5 years

6 Overall Project Goals 10,000 individuals in AET Pipeline by 2010 Use incumbent training to inform curriculum development Provide career awareness for 15,000 individuals Provide staff development for 250 Education and Workforce Development Professionals Better alignment of workforce investment & educational systems – development of articulated education programs – leading to BS degrees Steady, qualified supply of educated individuals for advanced technology sector (and its subsectors) Creation of a regional economic development asset

7 AET Value Stream Funding streams Fed DOL ETA High Growth Grants Fed DOL ETA Community Training Grants Dept of DCED Workforce Development 2+2+2 Leadership Grants Dept of L&I Industry Partnership Grants Dept of L&I Incumbent Worker Grants Dept of Ed – 720 Grants Dept of Ed – Dual enrollment Grants Other Workforce Development and Educational Grants Dollars

8 AET Pipeline—Graphic

9 AET Pipeline—the Program Areas Machine Tool & Manufacturing Automation –Deals with the machinery, materials, and automated manufacturing production Process Control – driven by the actual Product –Supports petro/chemical, chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical and biotech—focuses on the transformation process Industrial Systems –Multi-disciplinary program(s) combining information technology and electro-mechanical systems (maintenance, electricity, computers, hydraulics/pneumatics, machining or fabrication, diagnostics and repair, etc)


11 The Emerging Educational Infrastructure

12 The Emerging AET Pipeline Infrastructure

13 Pre-Engineering 2+4 and 2+2+2 Programs

14 AET 2+2+2 Program

15 Current and Projected Enrollment 200520062007200820092010Total HS Programs 5959001,4002,5004,000+4,000 Post Secondary Programs 1895006001,5004,0006,000+6,000 Total7841,4002,0004,0008,00010,000+10,000 Strategy is to double enrollment through 2009

16 PA Department Of Labor and Industry Targeted Industry Clusters Industry ClusterEmployment Levels Total: 907,033 Jobs Annual Wages Life Sciences Bio Medical 81,564$64,457 Advanced Materials and Diversified Manufacturing 495,482$43,061 Chemical 79,936$46,643 Electronics 75,760$50,792 Metals and Metal Fabrication 141, 001$41,060 Printing 42,397$37,196 Vehicle, Vehicle Equipment 45,029$48,267 Agriculture and Food Production Food Processing 86,865$36,106

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