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Interview Process Dr. Jeff Pittges September 10, 2006 Dr. Jeff Pittges September 10, 2006.

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1 Interview Process Dr. Jeff Pittges September 10, 2006 Dr. Jeff Pittges September 10, 2006

2 Agenda My Background Overview Interview Process The Interview Your Turn Transition to Industry

3 My Background

4 Overview

5 Objective Determine degree of match between candidate and employer –What is the candidate looking for? –How can the candidate help the company? Assess how candidate will perform Assess how candidate will fit with the team and the corporate culture

6 Negotiation Process Remain objective Don’t put all your eggs in one basket Understand what both sides want –What do you want from this job? –What does the company need? Focus on what you can do for: –Company, Department, Hiring Manager

7 Filtering Process Recruiter may receive hundreds of resumes Recruiting takes time –Review resumes –Interview candidates –Discuss candidates –Select a candidate –Make an offer Opportunity cost to employees –Critical personnel only meet top candidates

8 Interview Process Phone Screen First Round Second Round Closing

9 Phone Screen Objective Qualify you for on-site visit –Get to know you –Assess personality and character –Assess technical skills –Sell the company and position –Gauge your level of interest 30 - 45 minute phone call with hiring manager and/or recruiter

10 First Round Objective Technical Screen –Technical questions and topics –Assess your skills for the position On-site interviews Meet members of the team Meet first level managers

11 Second Round Objective Make a decision On-site interviews Meet critical members of the team –Technical questions Meet higher level managers –Assess fit with team and culture Sell the company and the position

12 Closing Hiring manager may present you with an offer at end of last round -- verbal or written More likely, hiring manager will call you to make a verbal offer Consider entire compensation package –Salary, stock, and benefits –Everything is negotiable Written offer is sent –Time period to accept the offer –Short extensions usually granted

13 The Interview

14 Favorite Questions What are you most proud of? Describe your ideal job Tell me about a challenging problem and how you solved it Ask for thoughts on a current problem Rank your skills in …

15 Behavioral Approach Place the candidate in a situation and ask the candidate to describe how they would handle the situation Observe candidate’s thought process Predict candidate’s future behavior

16 Microsoft Approach Solve technical problems Intense grilling –What else, what else, what else? Measure candidate’s depth and ability to think outside the box Contributes to Microsoft’s prestige –Work with the best of the best –Establishes a sense of value

17 Your Turn

18 Your Objective Demonstrate your interest in the company and the position –Passion is a trump card You are looking for a match too! –Will you be happy in this position? Appear interested, but not sold –Compensation is negotiable

19 First Steps Summarize what you have learned about the position –Responsibilities –Expectations Clarify responsibilities and expectations Summarize what you have to offer –Sell your background and experience

20 Candidate Questions What challenges do the company and the department face? What’s the plan? What keeps you up at night? What is the hiring manager’s style? What programs and resources are available for personal development? –Training, Mentoring –Tuition Reimbursement

21 Transition to Industry

22 Four Phases of Development Dependent Non-Contributor Independent Contributor Contributes through others Guides the organization

23 Challenges Time Management Results Driven Lack of Feedback

24 Your Most Valuable Asset

25 Return on Investment

26 Results versus Goals

27 Results Driven

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