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Attend a meeting Receive training Attend business outings Inspect work Visit customer/suppliers Attend a conference Visit other branches.

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2 Attend a meeting Receive training Attend business outings Inspect work Visit customer/suppliers Attend a conference Visit other branches

3 Cost of transport Time available to travel Distance involved Position of person in firm eg Managing Director or Clerical Assistant Any transport policies the company may have The method of transport will be chosen according to: Back to Questions

4 Private Car Company Car Hire Car Taxi

5 Traveller can plan own journey Cheap method of transport Private Car, Company Car and Hire Car Taxi Convenient for short journeys No need to worry about getting lost or parking in city centres

6 Can be tiring for long journeys Traffic congestion and road works may cause delays Can be difficult and expensive to park in city centres Private Car, Company Car and Hire Car Taxi Expensive for long journeys compared to car

7 Local Trains eg EuroStar International Trains National Trains

8 Quicker than travelling by road Easy to travel between city centres Can book seats in advance More comfortable to relax or work Quick service to European countries Refreshments available

9 Can be expensive during peak times Delays can occur due to technical problems May have to change trains Can sometimes be overcrowded

10 Domestic Flights International Flights Budget Airlines

11 Quick method of travel - especially for trips abroad Refreshments etc available en route Faster check-in times for domestic flights

12 Usually more expensive - although becoming cheaper Delays and cancellations can occur Must make travel arrangements to and from airports International flights may require long check-in times

13 Ferry Hovercraft Seacat (catamaran)

14 Easy to travel from UK mainland to UK islands Good facilities and cabins for overnight journeys Cars allowed on most ferries Relatively cheap form of transport

15 Much slower than air travel Delays may be caused by bad weather Must make travel arrangements to and from the ferry

16 Name of employee Department and position of employee Destination Start/end dates of trip Purpose of trip Preferred method of travel Accommodation needed Any special requirements - smoker/non-smoker Back to Questions

17 Timetables - for trains and flights Maps - major cities and towns Hotel Directories Hotel Guides CD Roms - computerised maps etc

18 Travel Agents - help and advice & discounted fares Travel Guides - information on a particular area Internet - up-to-date information on bookings, reservations, on-line timetables and hotel information

19 A valid passport EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) - allows free or reduced medical care in EU countries Vaccination form - if visiting certain non-European countries Visa - required for certain non- European countries

20 Valid driving licence Travel Insurance Maps Credit Cards Telephone Charge Cards Mobile Phone Contact Details

21 Location of hotel - ask for a map Cost of room Any special requirements - disabled, non-smoking Meals - which ones are included? It is important to remember the following points: Back to Questions

22 Dates/days of travel Times (24 hour clock) Flight numbers Airport and check in times Arrival times Booking reference numbers Addresses and telephone numbers It is a summary of intended activities and travel arrangements. It should include: What is an Itinerary? Back to Questions

23 Travel Request Form handed in by employee Preferred method of travel and any special arrangements noted Travel Booking Form is completed before booking Accommodation Booking Form is completed An Itinerary is then prepared All tickets and documentation gathered and included with the Itinerary Preparing an Itinerary

24 Informal chat with employee Short meeting is set up Comments sheet completed by employee Important that feedback is gained after a trip. How would this be carried out:

25 Did your journey take as long as was expected? Were you delayed? What were the reasons? Do you have any comments on the companies used? Did you find your destination easily? Was your accommodation satisfactory? Do you have any comments about the hotel? Did your trip run according to your Itinerary? What might the employee be asked?

26 Estimate the cost of future business trips Making future bookings with various companies The answers to these questions allow the Travel Administrators to evaluate how suitable the arrangements have been and helps them to:


28 Taxi fares Restaurant bills Refreshments Car Parking Certain expenses cannot be paid for in advance. These can be paid for using:

29 Banks/Building Societies Travel Agents Post Office Sterling (£) or the local currency. Foreign Currency can be purchased from: Back to Questions

30 Useful for small purchases Convenient AdvantagesDisadvantages No protection/insurance against loss or theft Coins can be bulky

31 Such as Visa and Mastercard Credit cards allow people to purchase goods and services on credit A statement is sent every month stating how much is owed An individual can use a company credit card Back to Questions

32 Safer than carrying cash Purchases are covered by insurance In case of emergency more cash may be available AdvantagesDisadvantages Not accepted by all businesses Interest is charged on balance owed each month unless paid back in full

33 Such as Switch or Delta Payment is automatically deducted from the account by the bank Can also be used to withdraw money in many countries

34 Safer than carrying cash Automatically deducted from the bank account AdvantagesDisadvantages Not accepted by all businesses

35 Can be purchased from the same outlets as foreign currency Each is worth a fixed sum and must be signed on purchase They must be signed when being cashed along with ID (passport) being shown Back to Questions

36 Safer than carrying cash Lost or stolen cheques will be replaced Unused cheques can be exchanged for sterling (£) AdvantagesDisadvantages Commission may be charged when purchasing goods Exchanged for currency at a Bureau de Change, or a bank when abroad. Commission may be charged.

37 Whenever a business traveller pays for something they must keep a receipt. Method of PurchaseRecord of Purchase Cash Receipts Credit Card Copy of sales voucher Travellers Cheques Record of Cheque Number

38 The traveller will claim back expenses using an expenses claim form. This will be checked by: Ensuring all receipts/sales vouchers are attached to the form Check the receipts against the figures on the form Check the addition of items and the total claimed Back to Questions

39 When the form has been checked the employee will be reimbursed by: A cheque Added onto wages Paid directly into his/her bank account

40 Questions Answer the following questions on the worksheet provided. Use the forward arrow to take you to the first question. Use the help button to take you to the required slide.

41 Question 1 Identify four pieces of information required by the Administrative Assistant before arranging business travel and accommodation.

42 Question 2 When booking travel arrangements, state two factors affecting the choice of method of travel

43 Question 3 When booking travel arrangements state two factors affecting the choice of accommodation.

44 Question 4 Explain the use of the following documents which relate to travel and accommodation: a)Travel and accommodation request form b)Itinerary c)Expenses claim form

45 Question 5 Describe the following methods of paying for goods and services while abroad: a)Credit Card b)Travellers’ Cheques c)Currency

46 Question 6 The End

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