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Quoting, Paraphrasing & In-Text Citations

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1 Quoting, Paraphrasing & In-Text Citations
MLA Format Quoting, Paraphrasing & In-Text Citations

2 Direct Quote Text that is copied word for word from a source
Quotation marks are used to show your reader that this is someone else’s words “But the push for such high tech security has set off a fierce debate among educators, who are neither convinced that today’s schools are soaked in violence nor persuaded that stepped-up security is a real solution to the problem” (Hall).

3 Paraphrase Text from a source that you have read and put into your own words. Does not need quotation marks but does need a citation Intensified security initiatives on school campuses around the country have inspired skepticism among many educators who consider such initiatives to be unnecessary and ineffective (Hall).

4 Summary Ideas from a source that you have read and condensed into fewer words. Does not need quotation marks but does need a citation Many educators believe such policies are unnecessary and ineffective (Hall).

5 In-Text Citation Any time you use information from a source, you need to identify that source at the end of the sentence in parenthesis just as you would a page # in a literary essay.

6 In-text Citation Format
Authored sources: Print source: (last name of author, page #). Web source: (last name of author). Example: For source #1 (Hall).

7 In-text Citation Format
Unauthored Sources: Print: (“First 3 words of article title”, pg #) Web: (“First 3 words of article title”)

8 In-Text Citations For indirect quotes (ie. When another source is cited in your source and you want to use that information) Attribute the quote in a signal phrase and use format below for citation According to Mary Green of SSTAR “school crime is a concern of every family in America” (qtd. In Hall).

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