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Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS

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1 Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS

2 What You Should Know About STD’S
Sexually transmitted diseases – (STD) – disease spread from person to person to person through body fluids

3 Common STD’s Most spread only through sexual contact
May not have any visible symptoms or may have symptoms come and go Having an STD does not make you immune in the future Thee are no vaccines available against STD’s STD’s can make a person sterile or infertile STD’s can be prevented by avoiding sexual activity

4 Chlamydia 50% that have disease do not know it
May include genital discharge and burning during urination Can cause pelvic pain, infertility, and infections Antibiotics can cure Chlamydia

5 Gonorrhea Caused by bacteria
Thick yellowish discharge and burning during urination If not treated can lead to infertility to men and women Can be spread through sexual contact Can be treated with antibiotics

6 Genital Herpes Caused by virus that causes painful blisters
30 million Americans have this disease Signs of herpes may go away disease has no cure and often reoccur Passed through sexual contact

7 Syphillis Caused by bacteria Symptoms vary as disease progresses
Early symptoms may be painless sore where disease enters body Untreated syphilis may spread to central nervous system Can cause heart disease, insanity and death If caught early it can be cured by anti-biotics

8 HIV/AIDS How HIV/AIDS attacks the body See page 353 in book

9 How HIV is Spread Through transfer of body fluids
Sexual contact – transfer of semen Using contaminated needle – passed because of tiny amount of blood in needle Getting blood from infected person All donated blood screened for HIV Passing it from infected mother to fetus 1/3 of HIV mothers transmit to fetus, most die within 3 years

10 How HIV/AIDS Not Spread
Through air, by coughing, sneezing Casual contact – Hand shake or hug By using same sports equipment, clothes, towels, comb or furniture By using telephones, shower bathtub or toilet Sharing eating utensils dishes Bites of mosquitoes, ticks or other insects Donating blood

11 The Continuing Battle Against AIDS
Drug Therapy – Combination of powerful drugs Have serious side effects Very expensive, not everyone can afford drugs No cure, drugs are prolonging life

12 The Continuing Battle Against AIDS
Vaccine Research – Scientist working for a vaccine for hiv/aids but is probably many years away

13 The Continuing Battle Against AIDS
AIDS Education – Educating people about aids is crucial Teach how HIV is spread and can be prevented from being spread

14 Abstinence Before Marriage
Only sure way to protect yourself is through sexual abstinence Sex is the wrong choice for teens

15 Abstinence Before Marriage
You will avoid the risk of unplanned pregnancy You will avoid the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease You will be respecting the wishes of your parents You will focus on and committed to long-term goals such as education, career, and family

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