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Simple Future Tense of Verbs

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1 Simple Future Tense of Verbs

2 Language Objective: We will write complete sentences in the simple future verb tense in three forms: declarative negative Interrogative.

3 Application (Why?) We use the Simple Future to show actions that will:
happen in the future.

4 Parts of Speech: Verbs Will + Verb

5 Formulas & Examples Declarative + Future:
Subject + will + verb + finisher. Example: Tadpoles will hatch from their eggs in the coming spring. Seniors next year in May 2014.

6 Example: Negative - Future: Subject + will + not + verb + finisher.
The next solar eclipse will not occur for many years. A hungry lion __________________to attack a human.

7 Will + subject + verb + finisher?
Interrogative ? Future: Will + subject + verb + finisher? Example: Will archeologists discover new dinosaur fossils in the future? _______students ________ if they are unable to graduate?


9 Subjects Verbs (infinitive form) Singular Plural

10 Example Sentences Declarative Negative Interrogative

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