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Adult Short Term Assessment and Treatment (ASTAT) & Group Therapy Services (GTS)

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1 Adult Short Term Assessment and Treatment (ASTAT) & Group Therapy Services (GTS)

2  The ASTAT Team will provide assessment and treatment to adults in our community presenting with a range of serious acute mental health or concurrent symptoms.  ASTAT provides services to adults 19 years and older experiencing serious acute mental health symptoms causing challenges with personal, family, financial, occupational and/or social life functions.

3  Typically ASTAT provides one to one in-office counselling services for 1 to 12 sessions.  The psychiatrists at Chilliwack Mental Health Centre provide consultative services to the therapists. If you and your therapist determine that a psychiatric assessment is needed the therapist will book an appointment with the psychiatrist.  The Mental Health Centre psychiatrists do not provide long term psychiatric services and will refer you back to your physician or primary care provider for ongoing medication management.

4  GTS provides both psychoeducational and process oriented groups. The Chilliwack Mental Health Centre offers different weekly groups throughout the year. These groups include:

5  Anxiety Group- A psychoeducational group where the participants learn Cognitive Behavioral Strategies to manage symptoms of anxiety.  Depression Group- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and coping skills are utilized to teach participants how to manage symptoms of depression.

6  Mind over Mood Group- An in depth and intensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaching people how to change their old thinking patterns in order to change/decrease their negative emotions.  Rapid Access Program- This program provides rapid therapeutic group intervention to people who are having a difficult time coping with current life situations. General cognitive behavioral principles are discussed and utilized in the group.

7  Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Group- (DBT) - Developed to treat chronically suicidal individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. DBT focuses on learning and applying new skills: mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance.

8  Radical Acceptance Forgiveness Group- This group is based on mindfulness meditation. It challenges the suffering caused by our feelings of unworthiness and self-aversion and teaches the skills to become more compassionate towards self.  Building Resilience Through Mindfulness Group- This group is for those who would benefit from a mindfulness based approach, building resilience to maintain, improve and sustain their progress.

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