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Subways By Madelena KIshner. One day my whole class and I went on a field trip to the African Burial Ground museum. To get there the transportation we.

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1 Subways By Madelena KIshner

2 One day my whole class and I went on a field trip to the African Burial Ground museum. To get there the transportation we needed to use was a subway. When we got to the 86 th street subway we paid for everyone to use the subway and then waited for the subway to come. When we got on the subway we sat down, then these men put some music on and started dancing right in front of us on the subway. It was really awesome. However, even though their dancing blew my mind it was still very dangerous for those men to be jumping around on the subway train. They could’ve hurt themselves and people around them including my class. This shows that even though a lot of people use the subway train it could still be very dangerous for people riding the subway. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of a subway. Some disadvantages are safety issues. For example, a lot of people get hurt on the subway, by someone pushing them into the tracks, or someone brings in a dangerous weapon and kill/hurt someone around them. A lot of bad things happen on the subway that you may not be aware of and that can be very dangerous. It’s not just safety issues it’s security issues. There aren’t a lot of police men around the subway to monitor potentially dangerous situations. For example, there shouldn’t be anyone smoking on the subway platform or on the subway train because that can harm other people around them not just themselves. This is one example of what police should be looking out for.

3 Another disadvantage of the subway is that it’s very crowded on the platform and in other places on the subway. There are more than 1.7 billion people using the subway every year in New York City. If the subway is really crowded than people, like a little kid, can get lost, or people can be pushed and get hurt. These are just some of the disadvantages of using the subway. Even though there are quite a few disadvantages there are some advantages if you take the subway. For example, an advantage is the speed of the subway. Twenty out of twenty four 5 th graders use the subway with their parents because of speed. They think that the subway is faster than any other vehicle. Also, there isn’t really any traffic when taking the subway and it’s less likely to get in a subway crash than it is to get in a car crash. Another advantage to taking the subway is that it doesn’t cost as much as any other transportation. For example, if you’re using the subway the ride costs two dollars and fifty cents, however, if you were going to use a taxi the price would most likely be more than triple the amount of what the subway would cost you.

4 In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages to taking the subway. However, there are ways that we can improve the subway and make the subway more comfortable for people to ride on. We can make the subway a much safer and cleaner environment for everyone. For example, we can put a gate where the subway tracks are so if you get pushed into the tracks you won’t fall in and get hurt. Also, New York City can put more police men on the subway platforms and on the subway train so they can be aware of what’s going on, good and bad. Another example of how we can make the subway a safer place is when people come into the subway they have their bags checked so that everybody around them knows that there is nothing dangerous in the bag and they can’t hurt them. There are a lot of good and bad things about New York City’s subway, even though there are a lot of things people can change to improve the subway.

5 Payment of a Subway This is a student pass metro card Metro Card Even though the cost of a subway is expensive to some people the price is still less than mostly any other vehicle. (The price is $2.50.) This is where people pay to get on the subway

6 Subway Tracks These subway tracks show that people can fall in or get pushed into the subway tracks because nothing is there to protect someone from falling in. This can end up in someone getting really hurt or even killed by the subway train.

7 Crowded Area on a Subway The subway can be dangerous because it’s so crowded almost everyday and people can push each other so they’ll hurt themselves and other people around them. This is a crowded area in the subway station. A lot of people are taking the subway at once and that is not safe. It is not safe for a lot of people to be taking the subway at once because then people can get pushed around especially little kids and also adults. If they get pushed into the subway tracks they can get really hurt or even killed.

8 Security in the Subway These are security cameras in a subway. Even though there are a lot of cameras watching peoples every move, it can still be very dangerous to ride on a subway. This is because they should have a variety of security, and they shouldn’t just have cameras. There should be police men and other types of security watching over people in the subway.

9 Construction of the New 2 nd Avenue Subway People have been using the subway more and more every day so they are building new subways so that more people can use the train more often. They are also building the subway in different places in the city where people live.

10 Car vs. Subway Traffic Get a picture of 2 nd aver traffic There is a lot of traffic when you are taking a car to get to where you want to go. (As shown below) You should take a subway instead of a car because there’s not as much traffic on a subway as there is if you were taking a car.

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