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HEART ATTACK!! Key informants- Mrs Walker

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1 HEART ATTACK!! Key informants- Mrs Walker
POPULATION: church members—it would be nice for the church members to know what to do but better just for the ushers etc Mrs walker is a diabetic so is her whole family--- a lot of church members are diabetic. Majority of membership not in nursing field they want to know to be alert and what to expect, some have had AED training ATX has take 10 program and they have a meeting 2/9/12 bc they want to know more about how to be prepared and they are going to get CPR training—strength is that they want to know more and want to be prepared predominately women-women, ranging from early 50s-80; ushers- mid groups- nurses aid, usher, welcoming committee. Relatively large group Church meet 2nd&4th thursdays of the month—go to - Add policy-recap..the church has one -INFO ON S/S AND HAVE A PLAN OF WHAT TO DO----hard copy of something for them in the office We have AED policy, wheres it located, whats the first thing u can do if u recognize an emergency -s/s HA and what would u do if it happens-to keep person alive till 911 gets there Add link to PP for AED-- No longer than 30 minute presentation, coordinate with the media

2 Did you know..?! Heart disease is the leading cause of death
African Americans are at greater risk for heart disease Prevalence of heart disease in black females is 44.7% compared to 32.4% in white females African American men die from heart attack associated with stress over any other ethnicity Stress is the #1 health problem African Americans are facing today

3 WHY? <50% of African American females don’t feel well educated about heart disease >50% who suffer from stress do not seek help. Struggles affecting African Americans Racism and prejudice Worrying about income Concern over area of living and safety Violence Family troubles Poor lifestyle choices There are certain struggles that AA encounter that can cause them to have higher level of stress get audience participatio– what kind of sressors that blacks struggle with

4 General Risk Factors.. Age: men 45 or older and women 55 or older are more likely to have an attack Smoking Diabetes High blood pressure & high cholesterol Family history Lack of physical activity/ obesity Stress Illegal drug use What do u think are some of the general risk factors for heart disease. AA men doe from HA associated with stress over any other ethnic group Stress is the #1 health problem facing AAs

5 Mt. zion, This is you! 37 members were surveyed
29 ushers= 78% 7 welcome/ greeters=19% 1 nurse aide= 0.03% 25 answered YES for family history heart disease= 68% 12 answered NO for history of heart disease= 32% 10 said they had personal/family history of high blood pressure=27% 6 said they had personal/ family history of diabetes= 16% 20 said they had both high blood pressure and diabetes= 54% 1 said they had neither of the health problems= 0.03% 46% said they knew what to do if someone had a medical emergency As you can see from the general risk factors- yall are already at risk for heart attacks from the survey results:37 surveyed- 68% having family history of heart disease and 43% had either high blood pressure or diabetes and 54% had both health problems

6 Say 68% and 54%

7 Game on Every 20 seconds, a person in the united states has a heart attack Every minute 3 people die of a heart attack 4 out of 10 people who have an attack will die from it At least 250,000 people die of heart attacks each year before they reach the hospital Explain the game thing…stand up if u have number/color whatever—just had a heart attack The first 10 people who arrived received a card..Will the 10 of you please raise it in the air just for this visual of this population these 10 just had a heart attack if u are holding a red card please stand up—these 4 represent the 4 people just had a heart attack and died do any of you that are standing know anyone that has had a heart attack or died from it? some people get caught up in the numbers and think that it cant happen to me but this is just to show u that this is real..even at mt zion

8 What is a heart attack? When a blood clot or other blockage cuts blood flow to a part of your heart Pic&feature=player_embedded What kind of sign and symptoms did u notice? I know this video focuses on women but men can experience the same symptoms. What kind did u notice?

9 signs & symptoms Pressure, a feeling of fullness or a squeezing pain in the center of your chest that lasts for more than a few minutes Pain extending beyond your chest to your shoulder, arm, back, or even to your teeth and jaw Prolonged pain in the upper abdomen Shortness of breath Cold sweat Nausea and vomiting Lightheadedness Fatigue Brain death and pernament brain death start to occur within 4-6 minutes after cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest can be reversed if treated within minutes with an electric shock to the heart to restore normal heartbeat (AED). With every minute that passes without CPR and defribrilation the chance of survival is reduced 7-10% and after 10 minutes without intervention, few attempts at resuscitation succeed. -bystander recognition of s/s of cardiac arrest and immediate call to 911 are critical --

10 AED POLICY & how to act! On website under health ministries on the right side: d_policy.pdf Call 911 Get the AED Bring red AED box to victim Turn on AED Follow verbal commands from AED Crowd control- listen to ushers commands in event of cardiac arrest CPR and AED should begin immediately—say the policy is online and go over it— --recommendations for CPR include high quality chest compressions by pushing hard and fast in middle of chest with minimal interruptions

11 THE END!!! say please fill out the survey and turn it in at the end and we provided u with a pamphlet heart healthy diets for u

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